Huawei’s equipment and 5G technology helps Brazilian farmers to increase productivity

The Brazilian agriculture state Goias has launched a pilot project to increase productivity and take fast actions against crop disease by utilizing 5G technology with Huawei equipment.

The rollout of the agricultural support application for soy farmers comes at a time when Brazil’s government is considering whether to ban the use of Huawei equipment in next year’s auction of 5G frequencies spectrum to telecom companies

Tiago Fontes, Huawei’s Brazil marketing director said, the 5G technology allows the farmers to collect the information by sensors placed in the fields, on harvesters, and drones so it will help to improve crops.

“We launched this application for soy to show how 5G used with drones can raise productivity and reduce herbicide costs,” said Fontes

He also said that fast broadband communications with real-time could data processing will provide information within one hour, which will take three days to gather so they can immediately take action against disease or threats.







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