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Huawei will capture 50% of Chinese smartphone market in 2020, 5G models to reach 100 million units



Amid the US restrictions, Huawei’s market share in China still growing rapidly and an industry analyst says the company shift growth record even more by next year in its home ground and globally.

Huawei smartphone market shares recorded growth in Q2 2019: Gartner

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, Huawei expects to ship 230 million smartphone units in 2019 (previously 260 million), and similar shipments are expected in 2020. The analysts also said that Huawei’s smartphone market share in China will increase from 35-40% in 2019 to 45-50% in 2020.

“However, due to the Android certification issue, Huawei’s global market performance will be affected and sales will decrease. Therefore, Huawei has adopted new strategies to reduce these risks” Kuo explained.

Kuo said that Huawei is likely to increase its market share in overseas markets through an increase in promotions and in China through launching more 5G products. Kuo predicted that Huawei’s 5G smartphone shipment could reach around 100 million units in 2020.

According to a report from Canalys,  Huawei has acquired 31% Year on Year growth rate by shipping 37.3 million units compared to 28.5 million units shipped during the same time period last year with a market share of 27.6.

“Huawei’s addition to the US Entity List caused uncertainty overseas, but in China, it has kept its foot on the accelerator,” said Canalys Analyst Mo Jia.

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