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Huawei will launch Mate 30 series with or without Google services: Source



Huawei will be moving ahead with the launch of its Mate 30 series, with or without Google services, says a source related to the matter to CNBC.

According to the source, the company will unveil Mate 30 smartphones on September 19 in Munich, Germany. It’ll be powered by Kirin 990 processor (to be launched at IFA) and there will be a 5G variant.

A Google spokesman previously told Reuters that the Mate 30 cannot be sold with licensed Google apps and services due to the U.S. ban on sales to Huawei. A reprieve that the U.S. government announced last week does not apply to new products such as the Mate 30.

Under these restrictions, Huawei can only use the open-source version of the Android OS but cannot pre-load Google proprietary apps including Google Play, Google map, Gmail, and more for the global market.

Unlike the global market, Huawei smartphones don’t need Google services in China because the Chinese version of its smartphones comes pre-installed with modified apps and not Google apps.

The source also told that Huawei has no intentions to use the HarmonyOS because it will be too soon for its launching on smartphones, and it will also damage a long relationship and trust between Huawei and Googe.

Instead, if the company didn’t allow to get Google service license. It will use the open-source version of Android which will not have Google apps pre-installed on the smartphone said t but users can download them afterward, explained the source.

Huawei will launch the Mate 30 series in global markets as well as China despite being not able to use Google services, said the source, as the company will be hoping for some kind of the miracle until the launch originally takes place.

Earlier today, another source said the company can delay the rollout of Mate 30 series after the official unveiling next month and may delay the rollout for the global market as it starts initial sales in China.

However, the company still has not made any official announcement regarding this information and we’ll have to wait for IFA 2019 event to seek some clarification on this subject.

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