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Huawei will regain Android support and ship 260 million smartphone units in 2019: Analyst



The US trade restriction on Huawei is expected to hit some of the company’s smartphone shipments in the upcoming quarter but an industry analyst predicted that the company will complete its shipment mark by this year or may exceed it.

Huawei Nova series expects to break 100 million shipments by the end of July

Recently, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, said it’s expected that Huawei will regain Google’s GMS License and authorization before the end of July, which was currently under consideration to be resumed following Trump’s recent promises to ease trade restrictions on Huawei, and after this process, the company’s sales in Europe will rebound.

The analyst predicts Huawei’s smartphone shipment market share in China has increased and its mid and low-end models have regained momentum in overseas markets. In overseas markets, operators and retailers have resumed selling Huawei phones, and Huawei has adopted new market strategies to grow its sells.

Kuo said if Huawei can’t regain GMS certification the total smartphone unit shipment will reach at 230 million in 2019. As previously the analysts predicted the shipment will be between 2.1 – 220 million units.

The main reason for this shipment increase is based on a recent rise in smartphone supply chain for the second half of this year, said the analyst.

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