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Huawei Watch 3, FreeBuds 4, MatePad Pro and more launching on July 13 in Japan



Huawei officially announced that it’ll conduct a new product launch event on 13th July in Japan. The company is planning to introduce a variety of new products that are likely to come with pre-installed HarmonyOS in the country.

As per the information, the company may launch the latest Huawei Watch 3 series models, brand-new Huawei FreeBuds 4 audio wearable, a powerful Huawei MatePad Pro tablet, and a new Huawei MateBook laptop.

Furthermore, this biggest unveiling event of the year in the Japanese market will take place on July 13th, 2021, Tuesday at 10:00 (local time) via online conference. Desired users can watch the live unveiling of these brand new Huawei products. (Link Here)

To be mentioned, the company initially launched these products at the HarmonyOS new product launch conference on June 2 in China. These brand new models are said to first of their kind and work on the HarmonyOS 2 platform delivering a great user experience with seamless interconnection.

Let’s take a brief introduction of these products-

Huawei Watch 3 Series:

  • Display: 1.43-inch AMOLED display
  • Weight: 54gram
  • Resolution: 466 x 466P
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Operating System: HarmonyOS 2
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, WiFi, NFC
  • Waterproof Resistance: 5ATM

Huawei FreeBuds 4:


  • Dimensions: 41.4 x 16.8 x 18.5mm
  • Weight: 4.1 gram
  • Battery Capacity:  30 mAh
  • Charging Time: 1 hour in charging case

Charging Case

  • Diameter: 58 mm
  • Height: 21.2 mm
  • Weight: 38 gram
  • Battery Capacity:  410 mAh
  • Charging Time:  1 hour without earbuds

Additional Features:

  • Bluetooth Compatibility: BT 5.2
  • Pop-up pair: supported for EMUI 10 or later
  • Controls: Swipe, Tap-Twice, Press & hold
  • Sensor: Microphone, Wear detection sensor
  • Driver: 14.3 mm
  • Audio Technology: Open-fit ANC, Call noise cancellation
  • Resistance level: IPX4 for earbuds

Huawei MatePad Pro:

  • Display size: 12.6-inch
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Dimensions: 184.7 x 286.5 x 6.7 mm
  • Weight: 609-gram
  • Pixel Resolution: 2560 x 1600P
  • Processor: Kirin 9000E
  • Operating System: HarmonyOS 2.0
  • RAM: 8GB
  • ROM: 128/256 GB
  • Rear Camera: 13MP Triple camera
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Battery: 10050 mAh non-removable
  • Charger: support up to 10V/4A SuperCharge
  • Connectivity: BT 5.2, GPS, WiFi

We can’t end here, there will be more surprises, which will uncover at the event until then stay tuned.

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New Huawei flagship store with spaceship design revealed




Huawei flagship store spaceship

Huawei officially confirmed that a new flagship store Wuhan Dream Times will open soon. This new Huawei flagship store has a unique “spaceship” shape to create a romantic sense of technology.

The flagship store has a very interesting feel of technology. There’s also an audio experience area, which is launched for the first time. This section will allow visitors to enjoy the concerts and songs privately.

Huawei flagship store spaceship

The new spaceship shape Huawei flagship store has five major specialties. These include a cafe area with comfort for leisure inside. There’s also a sports section with various equipment and a health-inspiring environment.

The store also brings a one-stop service section, which will help people to resolve issues and get a repair for their devices including smartphones and others.

According to Huawei’s official website, the new Huawei flagship store Wuhan Dream Times Store is located at B101 and B201, Area B, Wushang Dream Times Square, No. 628 Wuluo Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

Huawei flagship store spaceship

Its business hours are Monday to Thursday 10:00-21:30, Friday 10:00-22:00, Saturday 9:30-22:00, and Sunday 9:30-21:30.

During the recent Huawei Spring Flagship New Product Launch Conference, Huawei CBG CEO Yu Chengdong announced that the third largest Huawei flagship store in the country – Huawei Flagship Store Wuhan Dream Times will officially open on March 30.

It is in the middle of the “Wu Shang Meng Era” complex and it has a two-story design. It also displays Huawei’s latest technology and smart products. The store also comprises smart life scenarios such as smart travel, smart office, smart home, audio-visual entertainment, sports, and health.

Huawei flagship store spaceship

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Huawei decides new board of directors, check details





During a recent Huawei Investment Holdings labor union meeting, the company came to an election for a new board of directors. Also, Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou is elected to start her first rotating chairwoman tenure on April 1.

We’ll share all of the new board members and Huawei management as a part of Huawei’s future growth.

Huawei’s new board chairman and board members were elected by voting at the shareholder representative meeting. Subsequently, the company’s board of directors held a meeting and selected the vice chairman and executive director, and confirmed the attendance of the executive director.

Under the process, the Vice-Chairman and the Managing Director choose the Executive Board. Below are some of them

The board members include Liang Hua, Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, Meng Wanzhou, Wang Tao, Zhang Pingan, Yu Chengdong, Li Jianguo, He Tingbo, Zheng Liangcai, Ren Zhengfei, and more.

Huawei’s board of director consist of vice chairman Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, and Meng Wanzhou. These are the only three rotating chairmen of the company and each will serve 4 months’ tenure in a single year. Responsibilities are performed in turn in the following order:

  • Meng Wanzhou: April 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023
  • Hu Houkun: October 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024
  • Xu Zhijun: From April 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024

Here are the members of the new Huawei Board of Directors:

Liang Hua, Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, Meng Wanzhou, Wang Tao, Zhang Pingan, Yu Chengdong, Li Jianguo, He Tingbo, Zheng Liangcai, Ren Zhengfei, Tao Jingwen, Bloomberg, Zha Jun, Hou Jinlong, Yang Chaobin, and Ying Weimin.

Let’s check Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Director, Attending Executive Director, and Director.

  • Chairman: Liang Hua
  • Vice Chairman: Xu Zhijun, Hu Houkun, Meng Wanzhou
  • Executive Directors: Wang Tao, Zhang Pingan, Yu Chengdong, Li Jianguo
  • Attending executive directors: He Tingbo, Zheng Liangcai
  • Directors: Ren Zhengfei, Tao Jingwen, Bloomberg, Zha Jun, Hou Jinlong, Yang Chaobin, Ying Weimin

Alternate directors

There are 11 alternate directors elected by the shareholder representative at the meeting: He Gang, Bai Yi, Cao Jibin, Zhou Hong, Bian Honglin, Jin Yuzhi, Lu Yong, Zou Zhilei, Jiang Yafei, Hu Kewen, and Wang Huanan.

Whenever there’s a requirement for a director, these alternate directors will fill in the blanks according to the company’s internal procedures.


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Huawei Watch Buds launching in Indonesia, pre-sale on April 3




Huawei Watch Buds Indonesia

Huawei has officially confirmed that Huawei Watch Buds will be the smartwatch of the future in Indonesia. On the other hand, the company has prepared Huawei Watch Buds for pre-sale on April 3 in the country.

Consumers in Indonesia, can claim the RP 100,000 Early Bird Voucher now (can only be claimed from 27 MARCH – 3 APRIL) and use it from 3 APRIL 2023 for Huawei Watch Buds.

There’s a free gift worth 2M. This includes a black sports strap, fascia gun, fitness first club 7 days free workout, 20 % discount for F&B at all 8 outlets in Shangri-La Hotel, Earbuds Lost Worry Free, and exclusive watch face disc up to 95%. However, you should know that free gift cannot be exchanged in any form or compensation and has no warranty.

Also, the Lost Worry Free offer enables you no need to worry about losing one earbud because it can be purchased separately without having to buy 1 new unit at once.

Below you can check all of the pre-order options for the upcoming Huawei Watch Buds smartwatch.

Let’s check all of the reasons to buy Huawei Watch buds:

  • Innovative pop-up design with high build quality and luxury with the 760 Clous De Paris design.
  • Lightweight buds with clear and stable audio quality
  • AI Noise Cancellation Calling feature for clear calling anywhere without barriers.
  • Innovative feature Auricle Touch Control, tap on the auricle or the bone around the ear area to control the audio.
  • 24/7 Health & Workout Monitoring
  • The 1-time charge for 2 devices at once, for a maximum of 3 days of use
  • Connect with 4 devices at once at one time
  • Easy to connect with all OS, including HarmonyOS, Android, and iOS
  • Worth the Money: The total benefit of the Huawei VIP Premium Reward is worth IDR 2 Million.

Huawei Watch buds Indonesia

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