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Huawei introduces GoPaint painting app with interesting tools and features



Huawei GoPaint Painting app

Huawei has launched the GoPaint painting app for its global consumers with a variety of interesting features and tools. The application made its debut with the MatePad 11.5-inch S tablet, accompanying a new way of creativity for drawing lovers.

The official input says that Huawei has developed the GoPaint app with the China Academy of Art (CAA) to offer an immersive digital painting experience. It also uses an unparalleled FangTian Painting Engine to offer a 4K visual effect without consuming much memory.

GoPaint app has such tools and painting features that give you a feel of pen-and-paper even when scribbling on the tablet’s screen. Let’s take a look at its tools.

Huawei GoPaint painting app contains several eye-catching canvases with ink wash, oil painting, and watercolor options. There are more than 100 preset brushes for sketching as well as over 70 brush settings ranging from beginner to Pro level.

Huawei GoPaint Painting app

Huawei GoPaint Painting application (Image Credits: Huawei)

Consumers can even use custom brushes where they can personalize the stroke and create their brushing tool as per their requirements. Altogether, these features ensure a pen-on-paper feel with a more efficient user experience.

It is worth mentioning that the application also contains Freehand sketching, Fantasy Illustration, and Textured Painting options. You can select from these and fill in your colors to create a mesmerizing painting of your imagination.

One can also opt for shortcut gestures like:

  • Pick a color: Hold down with one finger
  • Quick Undo: Tap with two fingers
  • Quick Redo: Tap with three fingers
  • Control Canvas: Pinch or rotate with two fingers
  • Enter immersive painting mode: Tap with four fingers

Users will also find designed color palettes and hands-on tutorials for easily begin drawing.

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