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Huawei Watch 3 Review: Flagship smartwatch with HarmonyOS power



At HarmonyOS operating system and new product launch conference, Huawei introduced the latest Huawei Watch 3 Series alongside a bunch of other products working on HarmonyOS.

Huawei Watch 3 series consist of two models – Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro with Active, Classic, and Elite editions.

At present, this HarmonyOS product has been put on the pre-sale in different markets, which include the UK, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy besides the Mainland market.

This new smartwatch, Huawei Watch 3 is surpassing the previous flagship Watch GT series in various aspects such as battery life, health management, ecology, and more. Not to mention its unbeatable offerings, it’s a live example of what a flagship power is.


Let’s take an overview of Huawei Watch 3:

  • Display: 1.43-inch AMOLED screen
  • Weight: 54gram
  • Screen Resolution: 466 x 466 pixels
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Operating System: HarmonyOS
  • Battery: 450 mAh
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, WiFi, NFC
  • Waterproof Resistance: 5ATM

Physiognomy: An elegant structure suitable for all occasions

As I mentioned earlier, Huawei Watch 3 series comes in a standard and Pro model. The standard version can be found in Active Classic and Elite editions, on the other hand, the Pro version comes in the Classic and Elite editions only.

Moving further on the design, it adopts a round dial with a crown button, an elliptical button, and audio ports on the edge of its circumference. It provides a formal look that is no more different from a traditional classic watch.

At first, it seems as an elegant watch goes well on all occasions like business conferences and social gatherings. Its aesthetics provides a feel of a smartwatch, which’s nowhere to be seen as a smartwatch If you don’t reveal its special features such as making calls, checking notifications, and so on.

This watch has its own design not making the technology obvious and keeping the look stylish. The crown button is used for many 3D interactive features and can turn up, down, and zoom the watch interface by revolving the crown


Coming to the case material, the smartwatch is made of 316L stainless steel and can easily resist scratches, sweat erosion, and other physical damage caused by daily activities. Also, the finely polished design gave the smartwatch a silky apprehension.

To be mentioned the Pro version has Titanium + ceramic frame material with leather and titanium strap options.

Adding to this, the Watch 3 series could be found in Fluoroelastomer, Nylon, Leather, and Stainless Steel Strap variant. While the color options are – Black, Gray Blue, Brown, and Silver, giving us various choices to match the user’s attire.

Features: 100 professional sports modes

The Watch 3 series comes with numerous features for health management and notification management as well. It allows eSIM connectivity and MeeTime calls so you won’t miss any of your important information and stay connected to your important contacts all time.


The control center can be accessed by swiping downwards on the home screen and swipe upwards to open the notification center. From here you can manage your notification or organize your screen shortcuts.

Meanwhile, if you swipe right to left you can access the sports modes, and the left to right swipe will take you to the weather and service center.

Talking about the sports modes, it features more than 100 professional sports modes, which includes 85 customs modes with auto-detection exercises and 19 Pro modes for indoor and outdoor exercises. The Pro modes include exercises such as:

  1. Running
  2. Walking
  3. Mountaineering
  4. Hiking
  5. Trail running
  6. Cycling
  7. Open water
  8. Triathlon
  9. Skiing
  10. Snowboarding
  11. Cross-country skiing
  12. Golf
  13. Fitness Hoops
  14. Skipping
  15. Cycling
  16. Swimming
  17. Free training
  18. Elliptical machine
  19. Rowing machine

Coming to the health monitoring features, it offers body temperature detection, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation, sleep monitoring, and pressure monitoring, and more, which helps you to get the closest readings on your health.


Not only this, if you connect this with the Huawei Health app, you’ll get more organized and well-arranged data. You can see your workout data clearly every step of the way, making you more focused on your goal.

Gesture and Voice Controls:

Huawei Watch 3 comes with handy gesture features to make the management effortless. Users are allowed to set frequently used applications under dial controls that can be accessed by just raising the wrist.

Furthermore, answering a call is easier with this smartwatch. A user only needs to keep the watch screen upside and keeping the palm downside and then quickly make a fist and release it once to answer any call.

In addition, Huawei also installed the virtual voice assistant – Celia voice assistant in this smartwatch. It allows a user to check notifications, set alarms, make payments, and command other IoT devices in your home for additional interactions.


Battery life: A long-lasting battery experience

This latest lineup of Huawei smartwatches comes with high-end features, gesture controls, and display animations to provide a more enhanced user experience. Undoubtedly, it needed more battery to provide 466 x 466 pixels screen resolutions as well as the above-mentioned features.

If we talk specifically about the battery section, Huawei Watch 3 Pro packs an ultra-long battery life, that runs up to five days on smart mode and provides up to 21 days of long life in ultra-long battery life mode.

On other hand, the Watch 3 can stay up to 3 days on smart mode, while 14 days in the ultra-long battery-saving model. It provides load platform switching according to the situation to save power consumption.

Hm…, How to charge this smartwatch? Well, this smartwatch lineup comes with wireless charging support, which helps you get rid of extra wires.


Third-party app compatibility: Full house of third-party apps

This latest smartwatch not only comes with built-in system apps but users can also jump to AppGallery and download third-party apps. This is all made possible with the distributed capability of HarmonyOS and its solution to provide maximum app compatibility.

Some of the popular third-party app options on the AppGallery alongside the system apps related to your daily requirements. We can expect that Huawei will continue to add new apps and services to Huawei Watch 3 lineup and give it a completely new user experience.

Conclusion: A flagship smartwatch with HarmonyOS power

Huawei Watch 3 is undoubtedly coming as a beast in terms of features and a power-packed smartwatch with lots of improvements over its predecessor.

This new smartwatch delivers all, it has a brand new operating system – HarmonyOS, which provides all new features. The watch delivers all-around health and fitness trackers, has a premium design that looks astoundingly beautiful.


Furthermore, the new eSIM capability to provide you native network connectivity without even requiring to touch your phone and lastly a battery capacity that could easily help you to spend days and carry these task without a recharge.

From looks to features to battery life, everything became more convenient and long-lasting with this flagship smartwatch – Huawei Watch 3 powered by HarmonyOS.

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Huawei Watch D blood pressure smartwatch receiving first system update



Huawei’s latest smartwatch – Huawei Watch D with a unique Blood Pressure measurement feature was launched on December 23, 2021. Now, Huawei is rolling out the first system update for the Watch D to improve its software system along with the performance.

Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure’s first update comes with version, which brings optimizations for system stability. Currently, this update is online in China and expanding in batches to cover all corresponding devices.

Besides the performance improvements, this Watch D update doesn’t consist of any major changes for the smartwatch system and additional features. If you own Huawei Watch D, it is recommended you install the latest update as soon as it appeared on your smartwatch.

Huawei is strengthening its smartwatch segment and solidifying its new smartwatches with powerful features. Speaking about Huawei Watch D, it will bring you closer to your health with its unique health monitoring features.


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New Firmware Update detail:

  • New Version: Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure receiving the latest firmware version
  • Changelog: Optimizes the system stability

Things to know:

Before updating, it is recommended to update the Huawei Health app to the latest version and then connect the watch. Please don’t disconnect Bluetooth during the update process. The process of the wearable device may take a long time so, please wait patiently.

How to update:

To download the Huawei Watch D latest update, connect the watch with a smartphone through Huawei Health app. Select your smartwatch name and proceed towards the update section. Afterward, follow the on-screen instruction and install the update.

Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure:

Huawei Watch D comes with a 1.64-inch square shape AMOLED display with 280X456p resolution, support IP68, which provides waterproof and dustproof devices. The body of the Watch is made of aviation titanium.

It features bring blood pressure measurement, ECG acquisition, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, breathing training, pressure monitoring, and body temperature research.


Furthermore, this smartwatch brings support for HarmonyOS 2 and above, Android 6.0, and iOS 9.0 The Watch D is provides 70+ sports modes, with a battery life of up to 7 days in smart typical mode.

(Source: Huawei)

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Huawei Watch Fit January 2022 software update expanding to more users



Huawei Watch Fit January 2022 update

Early this week, Huawei has initially released January 2022 firmware update for the Watch Fit users in the global market. Now, the company is expanding the rollout of the January 2022 update for more Huawei Watch Fit users.

According to the information, Huawei Watch Fit January 2022 firmware update hits the market with version and brings optimization for Bluetooth and system stability. However, this update comes with a very small update package size of 6.68MB.

Especially talking about the changes, this update improves the Bluetooth connectivity between devices to prevent the problem of unstable connection. Also, it brings optimization for system stability that enhances the device’s performance.

Speaking about the Huawei Watch Fit, it has a simple design with elegant looks and its offering makes it feel like a premium smartwatch. But its narrow form factor and fitness features offer functionality that’s more in line with what you’d expect from a fitness tracker.


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How to update:

To update Huawei Watch Fit, open the Huawei Health app, find and select your device and proceed towards the update section. Once the update pop-ups, tap on the download button and wait for a while to complete. Afterward, tap on the install option.

During the updating of the Watch, maintain the battery level above 20 percent on both smartwatch and smartphone, keep sufficient storage, as well as do not disconnect or turn off the Bluetooth connection.

Also, the update may take a little amount of time to complete. If the update fails, try again. Besides this, if you found any problem using your device, call the Huawei Customer Service or visit the service center near you.

New Changelog:

  • Optimizes Bluetooth connection stability
  • Optimizes system stability in some situations

(Source: Huaweiblog)

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Have you installed the major Huawei Watch GT 2 update?




Huawei Watch GT 2 Major update installed

A major update is all we need, especially when it arrives on a smartwatch. Related to this, Huawei Watch GT 2 has received a major software update that comes with a set of brand new features that will enhance your overall user experience.

Huawei Watch GT 2 is a precious device that Huawei has brought in and developed with lots of care. The smartwatch not only comes with stylish variants but also includes a bunch of other health assessment features that will keep you up to do with your routine.

According to the changelog, the Huawei Watch GT major software update adds new unlock password features, adds new training modules in the system such as supporting an always-on display to view your real-time data. On the other hand, the update optimizes health features – cycle calendar and manual addition of periods on the smartwatch.

There’s one more tiny change that we especially want to mention is the addition of the Petal Maps that will bring you better navigation options right on your wrist.


However, you should know that the current Huawei Watch GT 2 software update is expanding gradually and you can download this software update via the instructions given below.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Major update installed

Before we do that, below you can check all of the important update notes:

The Petal Maps app is not supported on iOS devices and it’s recommended for you to update the Huawei Health app to get a better user experience. You need to keep your watch connected during the update procedure and don’t take it further, as it may disturb the Bluetooth connection and halt the update package transferring process.

How to update:

If you want to update your Huawei smartwatch, open the Huawei Health app and select your smartwatch model, followed by an update, and from here, follow the on-screen instructions.


Installed Major Huawei Watch GT 2 update?

So, have you installed the latest Huawei Watch GT 2 major software update on your smartwatch? Mark your answer in the poll linked below.

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