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Huawei trademark for Voice Assistant, which is also registered by a Chinese company



On April 20, Huawei has filed a registration for a new trademark named Xiaoyi in China, which was identified by Enterprise Check App. The international classification includes 41 types of education and entertainment, 38 types of communication service, etc.

The current status is applied for registration. Xiaoyi is a smart voice assistant, which is known as Celia in the global market. It is Huawei’s personal voice assistant that not only realizes voice-activated applications and services but also supports a wide range of features to help users get things done.

According to the Chinese Media, the voice assistant trademark was already registered by other Chinese companies including Shenzhen Yingjja Health Technology Co., Ltd in 2019. On the other hand, the Xiaoyi voice assistant was in work since 2018.

Huawei Voice Assistant Celia can perform the listed tasks:

  1. Can set alarms
  2. Make calls
  3. Check weather
  4. Count calories
  5. Play music
  6. Translate menu and more

Currently, it supports languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.


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