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Huawei together with CATL will launch a new electric car this year: Automobile President



Last month, we have informed you that Huawei has been signed strategic agreements with three major companies BAIC, GAC Aian and Changan Automobile. It’s planning to explore more technology in the automotive field.

The company had already launched the Alpha S models containing four models with the BAIC but both the remaining partner are working in the dark as there is not much news about them until now.

Now, according to the latest information coming from China Business News, the president of Changan Automobile opens up about the working plan with Huawei. He stated that Huawei and CATL will relate a new smart electric car.

This mysterious car will prepare on the foundation of CHN architecture created by Changan Automobile. It was expected to release by the end of 2021.

President Wang proudly stated that this will be a brand-new architecture, a brand-new platform, a brand-new product, and the integration of the current brand-new technology.

To be mentioned, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited, abbreviated as CATL, a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company is working with Huawei since the 4th Q of 2020.


CNH Project:

The CNH Project indicates the trio of these companies and taken from the English initials of the companies. This project is focused on the automotive application ecology, Vehicle OS, computing and communication architecture, high-voltage systems, and chassis machinery based on the capabilities of the fellow company.

The upcoming high-end electric car jointly prepares by this trio will introduce a next-level car brand, an intelligent electric car platform, a series of smart car products, and a smart energy ecology.

Future Preparations:

The Chairman of Changan Automobile, Zhu Huarong informed that the company will build three platforms named EPA0, EPA1, and EPA2. These will be based on the Ark architecture and CHN architecture.

In the coming 5 years, the company is planning a back-to-back launch of 26 brand new electric automobiles. While two batches of smart electric vehicles will be unveiled this year.

To be noticed, the brand name for the forthcoming smart car of this trio is not decided yet. Chairman Zhu informed that Huawei and CATL will soon announce the brand name.

Shanghai International Auto show 2021:

The Shanghai international Auto show was held on 17th April 2021. At the show, Huawei introduced its five new technology products and a new series ARCFOX Alpha S features powerful Kirin 990A Chipset, Huawei’s autonomous driving technology, and more jointly created with BAIC.

All the launched products were greatly appreciated by the visitors and the expertise. The fellow partners are looking for a further corporation with Huawei for joint industrial developments.

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