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Huawei patent Air Gesture Technology for Autonomous Driving



Huawei has recently published a new Air Gesture patent for Autonomous Driving. The company made it public April 9, 2021, with the publication number CN112639689A. It released with the title “A control method based on Air Gesture”.

The description of this patent reveals a control method, installation, and system based on gestures in the air, which works well in the automatic driving technology field.

It describes that when the consumer makes an empty or air gesture somewhere nearer to the camera, it caught the air gesture. Then the system began to analyze it, the station recognized the daily standard function of the air-to-air response.

Once the system is activated it continues to make adjustments. It also allows the user to determine in time whether the adjustment is required or not. The consumer is able to do adjustments at their accordance.

The operation is simple. In addition, it is more effective for the intelligent body. Broadly speaking, if you enter the journey and enter the situation in a short space, you can enter the continent. The first two get up and pass the festival mark by means of salmon, etc., the examiner is in order to ensure the performance and the user’s structure.

On the other hand, Huawei recently applied for a new patent related to technology that uses artificial intelligence to control the heat dissipation of smart cars.

This shows the company’s determination to make smart cars through their ICT technologies but doesn’t plan to directly enter the automotive field. (Read more)

(via – Ithome)

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