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Better than Tesla, Huawei cars provide 1000 Kilometers of non-stop autonomous driving



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On April 12, at Global Analyst Summit, Huawei Rotating Chairman, Eric Xu, said that Smart Car Business is an industry that Huawei focuses on and it’s a business with complete features.

Huawei has invested over 1 billion US dollars in smart car components this year, along with its investment in R&D components. Currently, there are 30 million vehicles sold in a single year in China and this figure will be even greater in the future. That is why Huawei will not need to go to markets outside of China.


“However, the company still hopes to the global power in any industry and not just only in the Chinese market.” Said Eric

Eric said every component that Huawei is now available in the market, and During the Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei powered car will provide everyone an autonomous car experience for the urban area.

He further commented on one of the giant in the electric vehicle industry, Tesla, saying that the Huawei team is doing its best, and even if the team doesn’t brag about it but it’s true that Huawei can achieve 1000 kilometers of uninterrupted autonomous driving in the urban area, which is way better than the U.S. electric car maker, Tesla.

According to the information, Eric also revealed that the company will invest more in the Autonomous Driving division and try to build its parts on its own. However, there’s one thing to know that Huawei has currently denied that it doesn’t make cars nad helps the Autocar makers to build good cars with its technologies.

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