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Huawei to launch HarmonyOS digital RMB atomization Service Widgets



Huawei HarmonyOS

At the 2021 China Digital Finance Forum, Huawei Consumer Business AI and Smart Full Scenario Vice-President- Duan Mengran, announced the digital RMB atomization service widgets for HarmonyOS.

This digital RMB atomization service widget will be able to execute online transactions including pay and receive. Like other widgets, users can add them on the home screen of their device with a simple touch and can perform a one-click transaction. It’ll make the whole experience more convenient with single snap operations.

Moving ahead, the digital RMB atomization service widgets can also be conveyed from a Huawei smartphone to other devices such as smartwatches, laptops, and tablets with a simple click.

In addition, the combined wisdom of Central Bank China and HarmonyOS capabilities ensure users about operation safety. Furthermore, it’ll also get regular updates and new features to improve the user experience and security standards.

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Huawei president believes that collaboration between HarmonyOS and digital RMB Widgets may have some clashes with other IoT-supported devices such as smart home appliances and POS (point of sale) in the future. However, other machines including ATMs are likely to realize convenient payment under the HarmonyOS platform.

HarmonyOS Service Widgets

HarmoyOS Service Widgets

Service Widgets contain important information about atomic services or applications that can be displayed on the home screen with a simple tap on its pin button. It’s accessible via shortcut gestures. The main purpose of service widgets is to provide an intelligible service widget experience for users.

Furthermore, with the capability of HarmonyOS, the widgets are able to adapt the icon size corresponding to the screen size making it more visible. Besides, service widgets are sharable among the HarmonyOS devices. This on-screen content sharing eliminates the need of installing any app to view that content.

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