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Celia Voice Assistant testing major new features



Huawei Celia

Huawei is testing some major features for the Celia Voice assistant in China and the company has started to rollout this app version for the testers. This update brings the following improvements for the testers.

The Celia voice assistant is upgraded to a comprehensive smart assistant integrating multiple services, providing scene-oriented services and personalized content closely related to your life, supporting voice cloning, Enter “Settings-Smart Assistant-Smart Voice-Voice-Add Voice” to create an exclusive voice, add a surprise, and kindness to your conversation.

Celia Voice Assistant

2 Support NetEase Cloud music playback control when the phone is locked, use the Celia Voice Assistant “Play music” is more convenient and smarter.

3 Reading aloud supports male voice, child voice, girl voice, and other timbre selection, wake up the smart assistant and say “read aloud”, and then click the sound symbol in the upper right corner to try it.

4 Support for visual Say, you can say what you see on the screen. After waking up, say “click xxx” and try to control the phone with your voice. (xxx represents the buttons currently visible on the screen).

We’ll bring you more insights on this matter once the APK is available widely.

Celia Voice Assistant

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