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Huawei smartphones will soon let you remove system apps



Huawei System Apps

Huawei is about to make a big change in its smartphone software and app management and it will let you remove system apps from the phone’s app drawer or home screen.

This has never happened in Huawei or other smartphones, as the operating system only lets you remove the third-party apps that you downloaded after purchase.

Different phones come with a variety of pre-installed apps, that favors the manufacturer. These apps can’t be uninstalled. Aside from third-party applications, you can disable some of these but still, can’t remove them.

Information coming from a tipster reveals that Huawei will let you uninstall its system applications from smartphones. But the company has planned the entire scenario already because there is a backup plan.

The app you delete from the phone (system app) will be stored in a separate section and it could be found in App Settings. All of the apps will have a restore option, that will let you reinstall the app from the instances.

huawei remove system apps

How it’s different from the disabled?

This new capability will save some unnecessary space in storage and free the phone from running background processes.


Currently, it’s not confirmed, when this feature will actually appear on Huawei devices. But Huawei is experimenting with a lot of new functionality in HarmonyOS up until recently and the pace is increasing.

This is a good sign for the consumers as they will get to experience new functionality and a better user experience.

We affirm that the feature will reach first in HarmonyOS 3 and be followed by global users with EMUI 13. Still, Huawei has not released any details about the EMUI 13 for the time being but the above-mentioned system app removal feature is something that we’ll keep you posted about.

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