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Huawei plans to launch a card game built into the HarmonyOS operating system



As per the latest news, Huawei HarmonyOS developers officially announced that on HarmonyOS Developer Day, visitors will get to experience the card game of the HarmonyOS operating system.

Information from relevant sources disclosed that users can only found the game post, which is based on service widgets in the HarmonyOS technical community at the moment. This new and mysterious game experience can be similar to the Lianliankan.

Additionally, the distributive technology of HarmonyOS helps to allow to increase the difficulty level in the games. And, the service widgets can be used to play games on numerous smartphones and tablets simultaneously.

Furthermore, Wang Chenglu, Huawei’s Consumer Business Software President once stated that his HarmonyOS team will never enter the game field. He also explained that collaboration with some Chinese applications like short videos can bring most damage than their contribution.

HarmoyOS Service Widgts:

This is one of the major features of the HarmonyOS interface, that enables special notification for some selected applications which consist of a small horizontal line.

After swiping that line upwards, a small widget will be open in the device interface that enables some personalized and special information for users. You can consider the below-mentioned examples.

  • Weather widget can display weather change information
  • Reminder widget can display calendars or to-do information
  • Sports health widget can display step information

Furthermore, users aren’t required to use the particular application for these kinds of small yet necessary information. This widget service helps the user to display the information promptly on the screen.

HarmonyOS Developer Day:

On July 12, Huawei officially confirmed that the HarmonyOS Developer Day is scheduled for 31st July in Hangzhou, China and it’ll be broadcasted online. More than 20 technical field specialists and about 300 developers will take part in this event.

At the same time, over 15 keynote speeches will enlighten by the respective expertise, which covers interpretation of HarmonyOS, professional certification, HarmonyOS overall review, application framework, partner case sharing, and code labs development overview.

Furthermore, the HarmonyOS Cards You Never Expected Game session is scheduled between 15:40 to 16:00 at the very last of the day.

(Via- Ithome)

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