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Huawei patent folding display technology for improved gaming experience



On November 15, 2019, Huawei has applied for the patent title as a display method and electronics device for the electronic device with a flexible screen in China. This patent was approved and published on January 15, 2021, with publication number CN112230793A.

Patent documents show that the display method of the folding screen in different states including folded and expanded states that help to improve the gaming experience of the user while playing a game.

If the screen is in the folded state then the game application uses the first display interface to open or respond to the operation. On the other hand, if the folding screen is in the expanded state, the game application uses the full screen and the second display interface is in a position to give the response. Adding to this, the first display interface view field is smaller than the second display interface view field.

Huawei stated that folding and large-screen smartphones are becoming popular nowadays as well as the demand for large-screen phones is also increasing. But, with the large screen phone, there is a problem of inconvenience to carry. So, the folding smartphone is a good option to improve portability.

Currently, the problem occurs in the folding screen is that if the user switched to an expanded state the screen ratio change and it may cause a sudden narrowing of the field of view of the game. In some battle games narrowing field results, the lose the game as well as a poor gaming experience for the user.

Moreover, the company has already had two folding smartphones, Huawei Mate X and Mate Xs. Following this patent, it is expected that the company will launch more foldable phones in the future with an improved gaming experience.


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