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Huawei opens first new concept store, showcase different products in one place



Huawei concept store

On December 25, 2021, Huawei has opened its new concept store in China at Beijing Yintai in01 venue. This is the first new Huawei Concept Store opened in China and it’s also the first to where Huawei showcased a car on the front side of the office. The new concept store is located in Yintai in01 of the China World Trade Center. The Central Business District (CBD) is also a high-end luxury retail center in Beijing.

True Craftmanship:

The concept store has a cocoa tea golden door is selected from the classic golden color of the old Beijing architecture, while inheriting the “coco tea gold” color of Huawei’s flagship mobile phone. The subtle diamond-shaped pattern, combined with the modern and technologically-sounding metal anodized aluminum plate embossing process, shows the craftsmanship.

The storefront curtain wall uses two 6.5-meter ultra-wide and 15+15 mm ultra-white insulating glass. The overall borderless frameless process, heat insulation, and energy-saving. The indoor use has a history of two thousand years Venetian plaster paint is natural, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Huawei concept store

There you can see the combination of cocoa tea golden door head, ultra-white hollow glass, and historic Venetian stucco paint makes the entire store simple but full of technological sense, adding a touch of “Beijing” color to the international trade business district full of luxury stores.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s Beijing New Concept Store adopts LCP lighting to ensure “0” color difference when the products are displayed indoors and outdoors, providing consumers with a more comfortable and accurate experience and shopping environment.

HarmonyOS experience:

The new Huawei experience store, will not only showcase smart technologies in the consumer sector but also bring you a whole new experience of its smart connected technologies.

For instance, the concept store also highlights Huawei’s innovation in all scenario development powered by HarmonyOS operating system and now become the center of the gravity for 1+8+N strategy.

Through the HiLink connection, these products are integrated, not only can interoperate but can cooperate with each other.

Aito M5 smartcar with HarmonyOS operating sytem

For example, users only need a HUAWEI ID to control all smart home devices that have been bound to the “AI Life” APP and adapted, such as sweeping robots, smart air conditioners, N-type products such as air purifiers, lights, humidifiers, sockets, switches, etc., can also be preset with buttons for the scenes of “Homecoming Home” and “Leaving Home in Peace”. Going out and returning home is not wrong, establishing the interconnection of people, cars, and homes in the whole scene.

Huawei’s growing foot in the car industry is gathering massive reach among carmakers. Therefore, it’s also becoming the company’s new business field and the new Concept Store included cars in every part of the building.

Huawei concept store

The store uses elements such as circles and arcs, combined with stage-level lighting effects, to show the exhibition cars like works of art.

In order to meet the diverse needs of different consumers or car friends, Huawei’s new concept store has divided into a new interactive space, including auto exhibition area, product in-depth experience area, rest negotiation area, etc.

The layout of the interactive space also changes from shallow to deep, layered Progressively. The store is comprised of staff that is community enthusiasts and car enthusiasts. Consumers can learn about new technologies or chat with them to get new solutions.

Book an appointment:

During the initial days, consumers can make bookings to enter the store, through a mini promotional program to receive limited-time gifts and other exclusive marches.

Aside from all of the consumer-based products, the store also includes a new folding screen phone – Huawei P50 Pocket and the first blood pressure ECG recorder smartwatch – Huawei Watch D to the store.

Huawei P50 Pocket

(Source – Huawei)

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