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Huawei new patent for in-vehicle communication and fault detection technology for vehicle antenna



Today, Huawei has published a new patent for vehicle-mounted communication equipment, fault detection, and remark methods for vehicle communication equipment with the announcement number CN113114391A in China.

According to the China Intellectual Property Database, Huawei applied for registration of this patent on December 24, 2019. To date, Huawei has secured a lot of new ideas in the field of smart vehicles in the form of patents.

The patent document describes vehicle-mounted communication equipment and a fault detection method that can be performed on all forms of vehicle antenna including Shark fins.

The vehicle communication equipment includes:

  • Transmission antenna
  • Fault detection circuit
  • Fault detection antenna


The transmitting antenna is used to transmit radio waves in a preset area within a preset time. The top antenna is modified to receive the radio waves, and the electro-hydraulic is converted into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the fault detection circuit.

The fault detection circuit detects the fault of the transmitting antenna according to the electrical signals and can realize all sizes of car antennas including Shark fin to perform fault detection.

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Previously, Huawei has secured several in-vehicle communications methods in the form of patents. Last month, Huawei has published a patent for charging station network architecture to improve communication between vehicles and charging stations.

(Via: ithome)

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