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Huawei plans to improve charging station network architecture for electric vehicle with new technology



Now, the automobile industry has started moving towards electric vehicles. In this segment, Huawei is also jointly working with Changan Automobile to develop a new smart electric car.

On the other hand, the electric vehicle industry is ready to flourish in new energy background. The construction of charging stations and power stations also affects the development of the whole electric vehicle industry.

To reduce the cost of charging station network architecture, on June 22, 2017, Huawei has filed a patent entitled “charging station, charging station network architecture and charging station management methods” in China.

According to the information, the company has published this patent on June 8, 2021, with announcement number CN107231430B. The aim of this innovation is to improve reliability and bring down the construction cost of the charging station network infrastructure.

The patent document describes that the charging station network architecture includes a charging station operation, maintenance platform, and multiple charging stations. In which the multiple charging stations connected through the powerline.

The first charging station is equipped with a communication module. The communication module establishes a communication connection with the charging station and maintenance platform.

On the other hand, the second charging station communicates with the charging station camp and maintenance platform through the first charging station.

Huawei Digital Energy Technology:

Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 7, 2021, with Hu Houkun as its legal representative and registered capital of 3 billion yuan. Its business section includes online energy measurement technology, research, and development of energy recovery systems, and more.

It was reported that Huawei has made this company to increasing investment in the fields of new energy and smart cars.

Huawei denied:

Previously, Huawei several times denied building its own independent smart car. It clarified that its focus is on ICT technology, and wants to be a supplier of incremental components for smart cars to help automakers build good cars.

(Via – Mydrivers)

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