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Huawei develops its own OLED screen driver chip, supply may start by end of 2021



According to the latest news, Huawei HiSilicon’s first self-developed OLED screen display driver chip has officially completed the trial production phase. So, its official supply will be expected to start by the end of this year.

This new chip will be first used in Huawei products and then be sold to other manufacturers. To be mentioned, Huawei has begun research and development of screen driver chips in 2019 and cooperated with BOE to achieve its development goal.

Furthermore, Huawei has manufactured the first OLED driver IC in the second half of 2019. As per research reports, it is really difficult to build OLED driver chips.

Our day-to-day products such as smartphones, tablets, and more products use OLED screens and come under the premium user experience with a good amount of price.

Due to its limitation, most OLED driver chips need to be customized according to the screen, so it is difficult for foundries to mass-produce as per the preference.

Although, Chinese display manufacturers such as BOE have already occupied a relatively high market share in the world. Still, its OLED panel chips are heavily dependent on global manufacturers. Therefore, Huawei could help domestic display makers by provide a good service and earn a good amount of fortune.

However, the South Korean companies led by Samsung and others are said to have taken about 90% of global orders in the OLED market last year, with the remaining 9% captured by Taiwan’s TSMC.

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