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Huawei’s new chip manufacturing technology can effectively control heat dissipation



According to the latest news from the Chinese Intellectual Property database, Huawei recently discloses a new chip manufacturing patent and method on 13th July 2021 in China.

The patent entitled “Chips, Chip Manufacturing Methods, and Electronic Equipment” with the publication number CN113113367A has applied in January 2020. It is related to the heat dissipation technology in the chipset.

As illustrated in the patent, the specified method will control the heat diffusion in the silicon chips. The method uses a thermic block in between two adjoining silicon chips, which conveyed the heat of both chip modules.

This procedure leads to improved heat dissipation capacity of the chip that can limit a substantial heat volume from expanding on the silicon chip and drives the chip to heat up.

The described method requires the main body, multiple silicon chipset, and multiple thermic blocks to be implemented. The method work in an order as mentioned below.

Arrangement: The main body consisted of several chipsets and thermic blocks, which are bound upon the housing body.

Procedure: A thermic block is placed in between two silicon chip modules and the surface of the thermic block is responsible to control the heat produces in the chip.

Besides, Huawei also patents the chip manufacturing technology which aims for the lesser chirp frequency. The method requires a Laser Chip main body, a direct-adjusted laser (DML area), Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI filter area), and an Isolation area.

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