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Huawei might team up with DJI to enter SLR camera field



Huawei DJI SLR camera

Huawei continues to explore new camera solutions for its upcoming top-end models and the company might join hands with DJI to enter into the SLR camera market. If true, this association may lead to various innovative products in the time ahead.

DJI is a Chinese technology company in Shenzhen that produces drones for aerial photography and videography. Besides, the firm designs camera systems, propulsion systems, enterprise software, flight control systems, aerial equipment, and more.

The DJI Corporation implements powerful technical potential and uses advanced anti-shake capability as well as stable flight shooting modes for proficient SLR cameras.

Eventually, the new information hints that the merger of two parties will likely result in better image quality and a more convenient experience in the photography segment. At the same time, the input says that Huawei may impose HiSilicon chips on DJI SLR camera products for boastful performance.

On the other hand, Huawei’s indulgence in the SLR camera market may put pressure on existing lens brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, and other companies.

Huawei DJI SLR camera

DJI imaging systems (Source: DJI)

It is worth mentioning that this initiative also has some drawbacks. For instance, SLR lenses began losing their importance in the market due to their outdated mechanism. Meanwhile, it still demands a significant cost to implement these sensors.

Apart from the SLR framework, adaptation to other segments of the respective camera product consumes both time and labor for efficiency. Thus, the SLR camera market reflects both Pros and Cons for the time being.

The news is still revolving in the speculation circle. Moreover, Huawei has not made any comment on this matter so far. Hence, we need to wait for some time to obtain official revealings on this subject.


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