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Huawei P70 series may challenge its rivals with upgraded periscope lens, says tipster



Huawei P70 series rivals periscope lens

News regarding Huawei P70 series suggests that the approaching lineup could create pressure on its rivals with its iconic camera features and a super periscope telephoto lens. The next P-series may arrive as a game changer in the smartphone market.

The Chinese tech giant has keenly focused on periscope lenses in recent years. A good example is the P60 Pro handset which installs the Ultra Lighting Periscope technology to capture objects with enhanced and far better zooming facilities.

Meanwhile, tipster @FixedFocus reveals that some insiders say the Huawei P70 series will challenge its rivals, probably with an upgraded periscope telephoto lens. This may also raise the competition among various tech vendors in the market.

The input initiated a heated discussion among netizens in the comment section. A few consumers suggested that Huawei could impose some extraordinary periscope telephoto capabilities on the P70 Art compared to the other models in the lineup.

So far, the company has not confirmed any details regarding the P70 series optical performance. Yet, several rumors and leaks predict that the Huawei P70 lineup would give a tough spot to new flagships for its tech-pack camera solutions.

Huawei P70 series rivals periscope lens

Huawei P70 Series leak (Source: Weibo)

Up to this point, the periscope parameters for the P70 models are as follows:

  • Huawei P70/Pro – 12MP Periscope Telephoto Lens
  • Huawei P70 Art – 50MP Periscope Telephoto Lens

Ahead, the manufacturer may opt for a 100mm periscope sensor with 4x zoom functionalities and an optimized Periscope Macro mode to boost the photography aspects, capturing close objects and bringing clearer focus for advanced-level details.

Huawei P60 Pro: Ultra Lighting Periscope

The ultimate technology consists of a multi-group lens system to drive more zoom for the sensor. It uses a telephoto lens with F/2.1 aperture for zooming and offers more light while capturing distant shots. Also, it supports the new shake-free telephoto feature to click stable pictures at any level.

Huawei P70 series rivals periscope lens

Huawei P60 Pro (Source: Huawei X page)


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