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Huawei Mate Xs welcomes September 2022 EMUI update in global market



Huawei Mate Xs September 2022 update

The September 2022 EMUI security update is finally standing on the doormat of Huawei Mate Xs global users. In terms of the offering, the update has packed some useful and ultimate improvements for the security system of the respective device.

As per the latest info, the Huawei Mate Xs September 2022 update is taking place on the smartphone surface with EMUI build (C432E4R2P4) build. Need not worry about the package size, as it only holds a weight of 288 Megabytes.

Going with the changelog, the recent update is divided into two parts. The first part works on boosting the overall functioning management of the device. Meanwhile, the second part comprises the September 2022 security patch.

Solely speaking about the patch, the September 2022 EMUI package ends several drastic vulnerabilities residing in the device system. Besides, it strengthens the security system and provides it with new capabilities to fight against harmful defects.

Since we are running in the second week of October, Huawei Mate Xs users might be expecting the newly-released security patch. But don’t be low, as the September 2022 improvements patch will play its role appropriately for your device.

Here is how you can install the latest firmware on your foldable handset:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Swipe down and search for System and Updates
  • Tap on the Software Updates
  • Select the Check for Updates option
  • Let the device finish its hunt for the new update
  • Click on the Download and Install tab

You can also opt for the My Huawei application to download the new update. However, make sure that you conduct the installation procedure under a standard Wi-Fi connection. Further, after the installation, do not forget to restart your device.

Huawei Mate Xs September 2022 update

Another foldable in the market: New competitor for Huawei!

Foldable phones are the new and famed names in the handset market. Consumers are falling more for the folding technology than any other model. Taking an advantage of this popularity, another external foldable is going to land on the user’s ground.

So far, Mate Xs 2 has served as the most famous external folding phone in the market. The phone is jam-packed with innovative features and characteristics. But looks like, very soon Huawei will have a new competitor in the market. It will be worth seeing how the company will uplift the success bar of its foldable in the time ahead.

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Huawei Mate Xs September 2022 update

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