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Here are the September 2022 EMUI security update details, as EMUI 13 appears



September 2022 emui details

This month is action-packed and Huawei has released the September 2022 security patch details for EMUI-powered devices. The latest release comes amid the revelations related to EMUI 13, as it has already been confirmed via the official Huawei website. Read more here.

Currently, Huawei is expanding EMUI 12 for Huawei P30 Lite and other devices and the company is working to provide this major update for the latter half of the EMUI 12 eligible models.

As for now, Huawei has not confirmed the EMUI 13 launch date but we are likely to get inputs on it very soon.

Coming back to the September 2022 EMUI security details, which are currently aired for flaghip smartphones. While other phones will get it gradually.

This update is essential for your Huawei EMUI device, as it improves the overall security and provides a better user experience.

In terms of details, the September 2022 security update has Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) details for the various bugs and software threats. These include fixes for CVEs at the high level, counting a total of 10, the medium section counts 7 CVE fixes and 0 CVE at the low level.

The bulletin also mentions, 10 CVEs fixed from the past software updates as well as the system framework.

If you want to check for updates on your Huawei smartphone, visit Settings > from here tap on the System & updates, and then tap on Software updates. Follow the on-screen instructions to get the latest software updates checked right away.

Below you can check all of the CVEs along with their scientific names. These are also mentioned in the September 2022 Android security bulletin, while some of them are fixed by Huawei.


  • none


  • CVE-2021-39696, CVE-2022-20344, CVE-2022-20346, CVE-2022-20347, CVE-2022-20348, CVE-2022-20349, CVE-2022-20350, CVE-2022-20355, CVE-2022-20358, CVE-2022-22080


  • CVE-2021-3609, CVE-2022-1055, CVE-2022-20158, CVE-2022-20368, CVE-2022-20371, CVE-2022-27666, CVE-2022-29581

Low: none

Already included in previous updates:

  • CVE-2022-20219, CVE-2022-21744, CVE-2022-20083, CVE-2022-20126, CVE-2022-20133, CVE-2021-35102, CVE-2021-35120, CVE-2021-30318, CVE-2021-1942, CVE-2021-35104

September 2022 emui details

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