Huawei Mate Xs teardown shows higher durability than Galaxy Fold

Huawei Mate Xs

The Huawei Mate Xs is the second foldable phone from Huawei, that comes with a number of new improvements over its predecessor.

Recently, the teardown specialist iFixit disassembled the Huawei Mate Xs and showed us how the latest Huawei foldable phone looks from inside and what it contains in terms of hardware.

You can watch the full teardown linked in the video below but some fo the key information linked below.

According to the teardown, Huawei Mate Xs’ display and battery are heavily glued. The heavy amount of adhesive makes it super hard to repair but provides it more durability compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold in real-world scenarios.

The improved falcon-wing hinge mechanism helps the phone to prevent the entry of any other dust and small particles to enter inside the display or the hinge.

The battery in this phone is divided into two parts – one on the left and the other on the right side. As mentioned above, both of these are attached with extra adhesive and kinda hard to replace damage them.




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