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Huawei is the top patent inventor of China




On October 11th, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce published the top patent inventor and private enterprises R&D investment list for 2021. According to the news, Huawei ranked as the top patent inventor from Guangdong province alongside three other private enterprises. The company holds the most numbers in counts of the innovative patents in various files including 5G, 6G, automotive, smartphones, and so on.

After the tech giant Huawei, internet provider Tencent takes the second, the chipset make MediaTek takes the third and the appliance manufacturer Gree Electric takes fifth place in the list. Only Baidu the internet search engine headquartered in Beijing able to take the place in the top five besides the others situated in Guangdong.

Going with the report, there are about 500 private enterprises has been listed that design patents and related technologies. In addition, the report entry incepts 49 valid invention patents with a total of 330,000 valid invention patents with a 2.89% of R&D growth rate.

Huawei PatentHuawei Patent

On the other hand, Huawei also ranked first in the list of R&D investments that is further followed by Alibaba in second and Tencent in third place. As the report describes, the entry threshold is a 237 million Yuan investment.

Huawei’s Research and Development Investment:

Huawei is the major research and development investor with a total investment of 141.893 billion yuan. The company is exploring more fields and gathering resources to bring breakthroughs in its business limits.

In this line, it recently establishes four new divisions named- Customs and Port Corps, Smart Highway Corps, Data Center Energy Corps, and Smart Photovoltaic Corps with Mr. Xun Su, Ma Yue, Yang Yougui, and Chen Guoguang as their CEO respectively.

Prior to this, the company has established the Huawei Coal Mine Corps in February this year and recently brought the industry’s first Mine HarmonyOS operating solution. The main purpose of the company is to boost safety standards in workplaces by optimizing supervisory efficiency.

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