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Swedish Court accepts Huawei’s appeal against 5G ban



Huawei 5G

The 5G ban lawsuit between Huawei and Swedish PTS (Swedish Post and Telecommunications Agency) is getting more involved. Seems like both parties aren’t willing to stop and taking things more further.

According to the latest news, Swedish Administrative Court announced to accept the second appeal of Huawei against the Swedish PTS’ decision of imposing the 5G ban on its devices. Now, both organizations are preserving for the second hearing of the case.

The background story of this lawsuit states that following the patch of US the Sweden telecommunications agency wants to restrict the Chinese network equipment in the country.

Huawei 5G

The Background Story:

In June 2021, a Swedish court put a ban on Huawei, blocking the company to sell 5G network equipment in the country. In addition, the court also wants to replace the company’s network devices by the 1st of January 2025, shattering its business in the country.

Responding to this decision, the Chinese tech firm filed a lawsuit against PTS in Swedish Administrative Court, which has been rejected lately. However, the China-based company didn’t give up and requested in the Court of Appeal in the country to defend its interests and rights.

On this matter, Henrik Bengtsson who is attending this case on behalf of Huawei comment that the court is leading the conclusions based on assumptions, there are still some analysis remains. He further expects the administration to conduct a fair judgment without being biased towards anyone.

On the other hand, the technology provider hopes the court to explain the basic pronouncement on which basis, it derived the verdict, if their second appeal is rejected in case. However, the court has accepted the company’s second appeal. Apart from this case, the CEO of Ericsson once stated that the company can leave Sweden if the Huawei ban exists in the country.

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