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Huawei reportedly received over 10,000 orders for Cyrus SF5 smart car, which is very huge progress



It isn’t been a long time since Huawei has not only stepped into the automotive industry but emerges as a rising name in terms of technology. However, this Chinese tech firm isn’t planning to establish any brand while only contributing as the spare part and technology supplier.

To be notified, Huawei has reached the trader’s position from the supplier’s position, which is benefited by its worldwide 5,000 plus experience stores. Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 is the initial model the company has been put on display in the store.

This model is powered by Huawei’s powerful technology and had been crossed more the 3000 orders in just two days after the displaying. Later, these orders were reached 6,000 in a week, which is amazing itself.

As per the latest news, now the number of orders for the model has increased to 10,000, and previously it was rumored to delay the deployment in June due to the larger number of orders.

Afterward, this Chinese Tech firm made it clear that there is no delay as the company has speed-up the production and will deliver them as scheduled previously to satisfy the customer’s demand.

If everything goes well then we will see the corporation of Huawei with other car OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures) soon.


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