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Huawei will add 200 new experience stores to sell 300,000 smart cars in 2022



The Chinese Technology leader Huawei is not only emerging in the smart car industry but also establishing new milestones and touching new pinnacles. This firm has already become a smart car seller from the supplier.

The Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF 5 is the first model Huawei is taking the initiative to sell in the company’s experience store on Nanjing Road, and receiving a great response from the customers. It’s manufactured by Cyrus while the technology is powered by Huawei.

According to the latest news coming from Chinese media, Huawei is taking further steps and plans to include more stores to promote smart car sales. As the report reveals, the company will add 200 experience stores by the end of July and in future, it’ll reach 1,000 stores.

Richard Yu (Yu Chengdong), CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, has set 300,000 cars to sell by the next year. In this line, the company has been joined hands with BYD, BAIC, Mercedes-Benz, and Changan, which suggests that Huawei has more surprises under its sleeves.

Adding to this, this Chinese Tech firm owns more than 60,000 worldwide retail locations, 5,000 high-end experience stores including 12 major flagship stores for selling the company’s products.

To be mentioned, the SF 5 model has reached about 6,500 units to be deployed by this month. As far as the price is concerned, it costs 216,800 Yuan for the two-wheel-drive version and 246,800 Yuan for the four-wheel-drive model.

Furthermore, the report also discloses information about the sales share between the manufacturer and dealer. According to it, the dealer will get 7%-8%  of the total price on each sold unit. For example, the seller will get 19,000 Yuan on selling the four-wheel-drive version SF5 priced at 246,800 Yuan.


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