Huawei increasing chip demands for 5G base stations

Huawei is continuesly grabbing more 5G commercial contracts over the globe and the number of clients is still increasing. To complete these 5G network installations on time, the company has increased its yield fo 5G chip for its equipment.

Huawei plans to ship over 2 million 5G base stations by 2020 despite US blacklisting

According to the sources, Huawei has been increasing orders for chips used in its 5G base station equipment and it’s expected that the telecom giant’s chip demand to remain robust over the next two years.

This increase in demand is due to the company’s business growth in the 5G network industry.

Back in June, Huawei announced that it has so far gained 50 5G commercial contracts and shipped more than 150,000 base stations. Moreover, it’s looking to over 500,000 bases stations by this year.

This month during an interview, Ren Zhengfei, the company’s founder said planning to sell more than 2 million 5G base stations over the next two years, despite US ban.






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