Huawei plans to ship over 2 million 5G base stations by 2020 despite US blacklisting

Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei recently sat down in an interview with Sky News and revealed that the company plans to sell more than 2 million 5G base stations over the next two years, despite US ban.

Southeast Asian countries ready to welcome Huawei for their 5G development

The founder also condemns Huawei’s addition to the US Entity-List and calls it unfair.

“First of all, please note that adding us to the Entity List was not fair. Huawei has not done anything wrong but was still placed on this list. This list didn’t have that much impact on us.”

Back in June, during During MWC Shanghai 2019. Huawei announced that it has so far gained 50 5G commercial contracts and shipped more than 150,000 base stations. Moreover, it’s looking to over 500,000 bases stations by this year.

“In August and September, we will undergo a run-in period before we can mass produce these new versions. So, we can only produce around 5,000 base stations each month during that period. Following that, we will be able to produce 600,000 5G base stations this year and at least 1.5 million next year. That means we don’t need to rely on US companies for our survival in this area,” he explained.

Huawei will continue to purchase US technologies as long it will be allowed as according to Ren, some companies have already restarted their sales to the company to the extent by the US law and the size of our orders, added Ren.






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