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Huawei highlighting its 5G healthcare technology



Huawei 5G healthcare

Despite the US ban against 5G network equipment of Huawei, the company starts highlighting its 5G technology in other fields such as healthcare. It’s making alternative ways to recover from the loss and keep polishing its 5G technology.

Recently, the firm joined Guangdong’s Second Provincial General Hospital and installed its high-end network equipment. On a rough count, the company provided more than 10,000 smart devices to instantly analyze the real-time info of patients.

Over the current mainstream network, the new setup is able to simultaneously support multiple devices. Moreover, it’ll subsequently help the medical staff for 24 x 7 monitoring of the patients.

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Huawei 5G healthcare

Once the smartphone king suffered from a great loss in its main consumer markets of handsets. According to reports, its annual revenue margin has declined by 80% due to US Sanctions.

Thereby the company started to seek alternatives in different fields such as healthcare, finance, automotive, etc. Among them, the medial felids are in need of large bandwidth, low latency, and massive connections, that are satisfied by 5G. Thus, it’s obvious for the company to keep going with its network technology in other fields.

Guangzhou Hospital:

As mentioned before, Huawei installed its 5G healthcare devices in Guangzhou hospital which has a population of 15 million. The company has prepared a 5G ambulance packed with smart medical devices, real-time observation systems, and more.

The doctors need not wait for the report which takes at least a day. Through the real-time monitoring equipment, the staff is able to immediately diagnosis the patient and write a prescription.

In addition, smart bands have also proven a great help with instant measuring of the speed of intravenous infusions. The medical staff gets a lot of helping to save the previous time with the 5G healthcare arrangement of Huawei.

(Via- ABCNews)

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