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US operators started removing Huawei network equipment: Report




The time is near when the US operators have to repay the amount to FCC that was given for removing the 5G network devices of Huawei. Some of them already started to replace the Chinese network gears.

According to Bloomberg, the US FCC officially initiated the reimbursement program for replacing 5G network equipment from mainly two Chinese companies- Huawei and ZTE.

Both firms have been criticized as a threat to national security and the administration asked their operators to remove the equipment from the Chinese firms. However, neither of them accepted any blame to date and constantly denies them.

Previously, the US operators got a shared amount of $1.9 billion from the FCC officials. The bill apprises about to start replacing old Chinese network equipment before October 29. Furthermore, the telecoms have a year to completely

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Huawei 5G

FCC’s Reimbursement Program:

At present, the program is initially applied on telecom with less than 10 million customers. Moving ahead, the reinstate devices must be able to achieve an uplink and downlink speed of 200kbps. At last, the devices sold before June 30, 2020, will also replace under this program.

However, the network operator is afraid of getting more affordable network devices from other suppliers. In addition, the timeline also seems too short for displacing such a huge network web.

On this matter, a telecommunication official informs about taking a week for replacing about 67 towers. Undoubtedly, the removal process is going to be pretty hard for the operators.

The Backstory:

Under Trump’s administration, five Chinese firms black listed by the US. The government accuses the companies of spying on the county’s activities. Since then they have become the main targets of the officials that includes

  • Huawei Technology
  • ZTE Group
  • Hytera Communications Corporation
  • Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology
  • Zhejiang Dahua Technology

US resentment towards Chinese telecoms companies isn’t showing any signs of letting up either. Last week, the U.S. House approved a Secure Equipment Act passed with 420-4 votes. This Senate has more resolute and stiff directions to completely destroy the business of Chinese Telecomes.

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