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Huawei HarmonyOS equipped first fuel SUV model coming soon: BAIC



Previously, BAIC Blue Valley announced on an interactive platform that HBT will soon launch a brand new car equipped with more enhanced Huawei Smart Car Solutions.

At that time, the company didn’t reveal much information about the model and keep the specification in suspense. But now the company has started to making move and started to reveal the information regards the model.

According to the latest information coming from Beijing Automobile News, the new SUV model of BAIC with Huawei HarmonyOS technology will debut within this year.

This upcoming car will be the first model of BAIC to run on supply with fuel. Other than this, no information is revealed by the company. However, we can expect that the smart cockpit, network connection, car cloud, and controlling methods will be more improved.

Besides, the Huawei HI version of ArcFox Alpha S has been completed the final stage of assembling at the BAIC Blue Valley plant. Also, this model will be deployed in the last quarter of 2021 in small groups because of the huge number of orders. (Read Here)

To be mentioned, the orders of HI Version of the ArcFox is are soaring and have been crossed more than 1,000 orders. Huawei ADS is the bright spot of the model that supports NCA mode, ICA+ mode, and ICA mode.

Furthermore, the 3.5TOP high-stream computing power produced by Kirin 990A vehicle chip makes sure the precise and prompt controlling methods.

(Via- Ithome)

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