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Huawei and BAIC will deepen ties to promote their work, denies recent rumors of acquisition: BAIC spokesperson



An authority of BAIC Blue Valley reacted to the rumors of Huawei intending to be a shareholder of the company saying that there was no such incident. The executive shared this response with the China Business News and indicates that both companies will further continue their work and invest in the automotive field.

What’s the backstory?

Recently, the VicePresident of ARCFOX, Wang Qiufeng stated that the ArcFox Alpha S model (Huawei HI equipped) has been crossed about 1,000 orders. In addition, the company is planning to deliver the units by the fourth quarter of 2021.

Last month, the global news agency Reuters proclaimed that Huawei is seeking to control BAIC Blue Valley’s electric vehicle brand Arcfox. In response to this report, a Huawei authority commented that there is no such thing in our cooperation with the BAIC.

This matter hasn’t ended here, we have further news about it. According to the latest news coming from the Daily Economic News, a related person of BAIC Blue Valley shared some news about the partnership between both companies.

The source clarified that Huawei is more likely to be a shareholder instead of controlling the BAIC. Furthermore, he informed that there is a meeting between Huawei administrators with the BAIC Blue Valley. Where they discuss in-depth cooperation on more levels, investment, technology, outcomes, and sales channels.

The chairman of BAIC Blue Valley, Liu Yu reveals that both the company will keep this corporation continue to innovate new technologies covering autonomous driving and AI (artificial intelligence).

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As of now, it’s still a project, and the chairman didn’t explain much on this subject. Adding to this, the company is planning to launch HBT new variants with more advanced Huawei solutions in near future. (Read More)

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