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Huawei founder predicts U.S. will fight next on Internet of Things



Huawei Founder

Huawei has predicted revenue loss from the US trade restriction and the company is now preparing for the next battle with the US will be over the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart factories.

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Huawei Founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, said the US will fight IoT next, predicting that the Trump government would turn its attention to this sector once Huawei takes the top spot as an industry leader, reported FT.

“If everyone were to vote for an IoT standard, they would vote for our standard, because Qualcomm hasn’t done much work in the IoT sphere and we’ve done a huge amount of research,” said Mr. Ren.

Huawei has been rapidly growing in the field of semiconductor development and software capabilities for its ecosystem as well as harness the power of the internet and AI to operate and monitor smart manufacturing lines.

China’s huge manufacturing ground allows Huawei to effectively deploy its new technologies and to present them in a manner that can easily be adopted by global firms. According to the estimates of the Chinese government, the industrial IoT sector worth $44 billion and is growing around 25 percent by each year.

Industry analysts also say that Huawei has a vast offering from chips to software services, network, gateway platform and data analysis, which makes the company an industry leader.

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