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Breaking: Huawei is testing Hongmeng OS in Mate 30, planning to launch together



Trump has announced to ease restrictions on Huawei, which is expected to allow the company to resume access of Google’s Android OS but it seems like the company is still pursuing to bring its own operating system for the devices.

Hongmeng/ARK OS: Here’s everything you need to know about Huawei’s Operating System

A person related to the matter told Huawei Central through email, that Huawei is inviting peoples to test its operating system on a new device (possibly Huawei Mate 30). The email also mentioned that the company is planning to release the operating system alongside Huawei Mate 30 series but there’s no exact confirmation whether it’ll happen or about the date of the release.

Also, the person told there’s no mention of the name of the operating system in the phone but it could possibly be called the name circulating on the internet “Hongmeng”.

Last month, Huawei applied for a trademark of “Hongmeng” at Intellectual Property Organizations in various countries, in various categories including Operating System also, this OS is expected to support the entire device ecosystem of Huawei.

Back in March, Huawei CEO, Yu Chengdong said the company has developed its own operating system in case the US bar us from accessing the Android or Windows OS. Later on, in an interview with CNBC, he revealed that this OS could possibly be launched around Q4 in China and Q1 in the global market.

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