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Huawei expanding new Petal app software upgrade package for Nova 5T in more countries



Huawei Nova 5T categorized under the popular smartphones of Huawei and has a huge amount of shipped units across the world. The main focus of the Nova 5T that makes it make a star was the best hardware and software offerings at affordable prices.

Due to its vastness, Huawei always keeps the Nova 5T smartphone in priority and release major as well as minor software updates. In the recent past, the company concluded the EMUI 11 major rollout for this smartphone in different markets.

After EMUI 11, now the Nova 5T user’s interest shifted over the HarmonyOS and they are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latest operating system. But, the global users have to wait a little more than Chinese users maybe till 2022.

Apart from this, Huawei has recently delivered a new software update for Nova 5T to some users. This update brought a number of popular apps to the system with a large update size.

So, Huawei fans do you really want to know about the apps? According to the information, the update package added download shortcuts for apps including Petal Search, Petal Maps, Reader, Member Center, Game Center, and SkyTone services to the system.

Recently, some Nova 5T smartphone users from different markets have reached and informed that they have started getting this app update package on their devices.

It means that Huawei has started expanding the major app update outside of the limited market. However, currently, it is in the early stage of expansion so it may take some time to cover all Nova 5T devices.

About apps and services that are rolling out with this software update:

Petal Search: Huawei Petal Search is a solution for smartphones that provides services all-in-one search app including search bar with voice search, visual search feature, news feeds, and more.

Petal Maps: Petal Maps offers map browsing, map searching, navigation, and air gestures. Also, it not only lets you get your current location, browse the map, search for places, and add your favorites, but displays real-time traffic conditions, events, and more.

Readers: Huawei Reader allows the creation of a digital reading platform to give users a richer reading experience.

Members Center: Member center is the membership app for Huawei smartphone users that provides info, activities, rewards, Huawei’s latest updates, and more in a single platform.

Gamer Center: GameCenter is a platform to bring mobile gaming communities together through high-quality content and rewards as well as help gamers to interact better with each other and get the most out of the games they play.

SkyTone Service: SkyTone app allows you to use access mobile internet without the need for a SIM card when you travel in other countries or regions. To get this SIM-free service, users need to follow some steps and log in with Huawei ID.

Thanks to the tipsters – Bineth and Jony Raj

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