Huawei ensuring safety measures, reportedly told employees to not engage in meetings with US contacts

Huawei has told its employees to cancel any technical meetings with US contacts and sent back the US citizen working at its Shenzhen headquarters in order to take extra safety measure during the US ban.

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Dang Wenchuan, Huawei’s chief strategy architect, said American citizens working in research and development at Huawei’s headquarters were sent back to the US, reported FinancialTimes.

Two weeks ago, the US Commerce Department added Huawei Technologies and 70 affiliates to its “Entity List” or simply called a trade blacklist – an action that bans the telecom giant from buying parts and components from US companies.

“We don’t know what will happen . . . We don’t know the boundary of the law, we have to be whiter than white,” Dang told.

Huawei has spent several days making significant changes to the way its offices in China and the US communicate with one another, in order to ensure all its interaction were compliant with the entity list.

The official said, Huawei is also limiting interactions more broadly between employees and any American citizens. Moreover, checking that overseas visitors to its campus do not hold American passports, and warned those who do that their private conversations must not touch on any topics related to technology.






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