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Huawei could also be affected by EU’s mobile charging port bill



Huawei EU Charging port law

EU (European Union) is about to take a final call on the universal charging port on smartphones sold in the European market. Interestingly, the EU charging port law may also affect tech makers including Huawei.

According to Reuters, EU lawmakers and member states could take a final decision on a deal for a common charging port for mobiles, tablets, and headphones by the end of this year.

Lawmaker Alex Agus Saliba, representation of the issue in the European Parliament said he hopes the legislative assembly will be able to vote on this proposal in May, which will lead to a final move on this draft.

However, the proposed EU Charging port draft could also have an impact on big tech makers such as Samsung and Huawei and bring a shorter timeline to comply with suggested draft rules.

Not only for wired charging purposes, Alex also wants to regulate new laws for the wireless charging system by the year 2025 and the legislation must be adopted after six months of the announcement.

Apple, on this matter, has warned the EU that these kinds of rules and regulations will hurt innovation and could create a huge mountain of electronic waste if the consumers are forced to change their chargers.

Huawei EU Charging port law

What’s this bill:

Under this bill, USB-C will become the universal port for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers, and handheld videogame consoles. The EU also suggest that they proposed to unbundle the sale of chargers from the sale of electronic devices.

The proposed bill mentioned the following key points:

  1. Consumers will be able to charge all of their devices with the same charger regardless of any brand
  2. It’ll prohibit device makers to vary the charging speed
  3. Consumers can purchase a device without a charger, to not cause the collection of unwanted chargers.
  4. Device makers will be required to provide sufficient charging information regarding the charger’s performance, speed, and compatibility.

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