Huawei and China Unicom concluded 5G commercial VoNR solution upgrade in Shenzhen

Not a long ago, Huawei and China Unicom jointly won the “2020 China Excellent Case Award” for the “China Unicom 5G MEC Edge Cloud Platform Architecture and Commercial Practice” model. 

Previously, both the company stated that this 5G MEC Edge Cloud solution is going to cover many projects, which includes smart healthcare, smart factory, and formulated several popular commercial applications. 

The two firms have started to take action as recently China Unicom and Huawei concluded the first large-scale upgrade of the 5G commercial VoNR (Voice over 5G New Radio) voice solution in Shenzhen.

VoNR is the IP Multimedia System (IMS) primary voice calling service based on 5G network architecture, provided by the operators. It aims to deliver its service to over 100 network stations, which works on SA architecture of 5G network, compared to other call services.

This project tested on different sites and several basic function tests including the end-to-end basic voice and video calls over the 5G network, and voice switching between the 4G and 5G communication network.

The test outcome shows that it provides significantly lower latency and improved sound and picture quality, resulting in an extremely elevated calling experience, which is far better than the 2/3/4G voice call services.





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