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Huawei and China Unicom won “Excellent Case Award”



Huawei and China Unicom jointly awarded with the” 2020 China SDN/NFV/AI Excellent Case Award”. Both the firms participated in the China Cloud Network Conference 2021 held in Beijing.

At the conference event, both companies present “China Unicom 5G MEC Edge Cloud Platform Architecture and Commercial Practice”.

5G MEC Edge in brief :

There is no doubt that the commercialization of the 5G communication network is on the boost. It also ensures a more reliable, more secure, and more strong connection to industrial customers.

MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) enables cloud computing capabilities and an IT services environment and meets the requirements of the industry.

The distributed edge deployment and powerful capabilities to pair connectivity with computing expedite digital transformation and underpin all sorts of innovative applications in a diverse range of industries.

For the conference, Huawei together with China Unicom prepares a one-stop and high-performance integrated MEC solution. It was backed by the China Unicom 5G to B Cloud” network.

It aims to provide high agility, strong reliability, and easy O&M and facilitates quick replication of innovation from a single site to the entire network.

With its elastic, robust, agile, and efficient telecom cloud capabilities, the solution can deliver many advantages namely lower latency, higher bandwidth, and value-added applications.

Application area:

The use of the cloud-native 5G network with edge-native computing capabilities fuels the digital transformation of various industries including manufacturing, energy, mining, transportation, logistics, ports, smart city, digital government, healthcare, and new media.


continuing with the aim, “Go beyond standards”, Huawei and China Unicom’s 5G MEC Edge Cloud solution is able to cover a handful of projects. This project line includes smart healthcare, smart factory, and formulated several popular commercial use cases.

Both the company are looking forward to their in-depth corporation. In the coming days, they will work together for industrial empowerment.

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