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Huawei Browser app is getting new security and privacy features



Huawei Browser

Huawei has released a new update for its easy-to-use Huawei Browser that installs the latest system and security features to this web browsing application. The latest Huawei Browser security features includes URL reporting function, manual Ad blocking, and many other supports to provide a safer user experience.

Furthermore, the update package also contains a smaller size for a fast process that is below 100MB. This is one of the highly secure internet streaming applications, which mainly offers.

  • Search
  • Ultra-fast speed
  • News Feed
  • Shortcut Setting
  • Night mode
  • Private browsing
  • Password Management

Now let’s check the changelog to know the update sie, version shift, and new improvements in the application.


Update Size: 73.9 MB

Update Version: New update will shift the Huawei Browser version on


[List of Changes]

  1. Add the function of reporting URLs
  2. Add statistics and display of website-level privacy and security protection data
  3. Manual blocking web ads function support
  4. Support users to delete used fast apps
  5. Incorporate the latest security patches

Below you can check the update’s screenshot-

Huawei Browser Update

About Huawei Browser:

The Huawei Browser is a high-speed internet browsing application developed by Huawei. Users can download this app through Huawei App Market/AppGallery. Aside from the basic features, it offers a bunch of security features such as smart anti-tacking for safe browsing.

Furthermore, users can customize the browser in a way they feel is more convenient- classic and standard layouts. Moving ahead, it also has many exclusive features like Swiping gesture navigation, Night mode, Desktop site layout, Text settings, and Webpage translation.


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Huawei Apps

Huawei Club mobile app, website and services will end by this year



Huawei Club services

Huawei has a vast range of services to satisfy the requirements of its consumers. And one of the high-profiled sectors, where users get knowledge about every little thing is Huawei’s Chinese dedicated community – Huawei Club. However, the company will soon end the Huawei Club website, mobile app, and online services.

According to the latest information, Huawei Club has officially announced the amendments to its operations and services. The thoughtful site has explained that due to some business development processes, the company will stop operating the page by the end of this year, for an indefinite period.

Huawei Club was launched in 2012, and after 10 years, Huawei decided to merge all of its services into the My Huawei app. The move will allow users to find a single place to communicate and share their experiences.

Consequently, users will no more be able to contact the club to access the information or perform any social action. Besides, the PC, App, as well as online services of Huawei Club will also stop responding. Thereafter, the club service will stop accepting any new registrations, logging in, publishing content, or access to view the content.


My Huawei App – A new place for information

Although to maintain the connectivity with Huawei, the company has decided to open new gates for its users. Alternatively, the Chinese manufacturer will migrate the relevant data of the Club to the My Huawei app.

Huawei Club services

As a result, users will be able to get the info and news regarding important posts, comments, medals, updates, and more through the application. As per the reports, the company will work on expanding the roots of the app, so that users can easily search for their respective content.

Moreover, the My Huawei application will incorporate rich functions such as club-related information, HarmonyOS upgrades, new service details, Huawei school, nearby stores, shopping, and more. Hence, there will be no hindrance for users in attaining a convenient as well as high-quality service.

In the meantime, the company will revamp the pollen club facilities into a new platform and will launch the pollen creator system. Thus, users will find a more optimized and suitable club after the improvements.


Furthermore, Huawei will also make the Petal function offline after September 21, 2022. We can say that there will be more efficient ways of gaining knowledge of the information in the time ahead.

Huawei Club services


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Huawei Apps

Huawei Books app gets new version 



Huawei Books

Now it’s time to boost up your Huawei Books application with the new version update. However, your Books app is currently running over June 2022 outdated version.

Huawei retrieve the Huawei Books upgraded version to orient it’s ideal working that gives a fresh start. Also, it provides knowledge of the outside world, improves reading, and speaking skills also boosts your memory and intelligence.

While talking about what’s new in the new version of Books, then it is packed with some general bug fixes and improved usability. Notably, there are no specific changes mentioned in the changelog.

You can install Huawei Books version lifting 46.55 MB of installation weight. With the hefty update weight, we can assume that the update made so many changes in terms of improvements.


We recommend you download and install it in hurry through the AppGallery or directly grab it via the third-party source

  • Huawei Books app9.1.23.300 version: APKMirror.

Huawei Books

Huawei Books App:

The Huawei Books app provides some free content to read books, play audiobooks, and download content to your local bookshelf during the free trial period. When your free trial ends, you will need to pay for certain content within the app. On the other hand, if you need access to paid content, you must purchase it.

How to log in to Huawei Books with Huawei ID:

In any payable application, it’s essential to sign up, likewise, the Huawei Books app is also important to log in to purchase books. However, you need to log in to Huawei Books with your Huawei ID to purchase books. If you do not have a Huawei ID yet, then

  • Launch the Me option
  • Click the Huawei ID
  • Login at the top of the screen to register your Huawei ID
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Huawei Apps

Download Huawei Petal Search version



HUAWEI Petal Search

Petal Search app is compatible with Huawei smartphones, which makes it easy to find virtually anything online. To give your search accurate results, the Chinese tech giant updated the Huawei Petal Search app to a stable version.

When looking at the changelog, the new release of Huawei Petal Search doesn’t bring any new changes except some general bug fixes. But it aims to give you a fresh start with modernized functioning and improved usability.

Huawei Petal Search users need to lift the 53.77 MB of updated weight to download and install it. Which seem hefty in weight, we recommend you to get it using an unmetered connection.

Updating your Huawei Petal Search app helps patch security gaps and improve the overall performance of your smartphone. With every new update, Huawei focuses on eliminating identified bugs and improving the user experience in terms of application optimization.


HUAWEI Petal Search

You can get Huawei Petal Search update via the AppGallery or install it directly via the APKMirror

Update instructions:

To download it visit Huawei AppGallery, then select Manage at the bottom of the page, from here click on the Update option and you’re done. All the pending app updates will display on the screen.

How to install apps through the Petal Search app:

Many of you are unknown of the fact that the Huawei Petal Search app also gives you access to install apps. Below you can check how its works in some easy guides:

Step 1:

  • Launch the Petal Search app
  • Click on the top apps
  • Or Apps shortcut icon under the search bar on the home screen

Step 2:

  • Open the Petal Search, touch the search bar and install the app want from the displayed app ranking
  • To see more apps
  • Click more

Step 3:

  • From Petal Search home, enter a keyboard related to the app you want in the search bar and find and install the app in the all or apps tab.
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