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Huawei Developer Conference 2021 tickets available through Huawei Pay



Huawei Mobile Pay

Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Together) is set at end of this month so users have enough time to purchase the tickets that are now available through Huawei Pay. Now it’s really easy to get access passes to one of the biggest Huawei events.

The users don’t need to struggle in getting the event pass as they are able to get it in a convenient way using Huawei Pay. The few-step procedure is very simple that includes-

  • Open the Huawei Wallet on your Huawei devices
  • Now Scan the QR code of  HDC. Together
  • Here, select your bank card associated with Huawei Pay  to get the tickets
  • Afterward, you can make a purchase through the “Cashier Counter”

Huawei Pay

Huawei Developer Conference 2021:

In early September, Huawei announced the HDC 2021, that’ll be conducted from 22nd to 24th October. Songshan Lake, Dongguan city will be the venue for this conference. The HarmonyOS ecosystem, HMS Core 6.0, and the Whole House intelligent system will be the topic of discussion at the event.

Huawei Wallet:

Users are allowed to keep all their cars such as bank cards, loyalty cards, coupons, passage, public transportation cards, etc in one place through Huawei Wallet. In addition, users can easily pay through Huawei Pay and access public transport with these cards on their phones.  No more struggle in arranging cards or forgetting them when you can have them all time with your smartphone.


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Huawei Apps

Huawei Celia keyboard received new update, slide to open numeric interface



Celia Keyboard

Not long ago, Huawei Celia Keyboard enters public beta testing to bring more improvements in the application. Now, Huawei has kicked off a new update that brought new features and support for the Celia keyboard app.

As per the information, the update with an update package size of 43.1 MB added two new supports and further enhanced existing supports. From now on, writing with this app will be more fun and convenient.

After the installation of this update, users can access the numerical keyboard with swiping gestures. In addition, they can also customize individual words and lines using different fonts, making the message look cooler.

Below you can check the update changelog-


Update Changelog:

  1. Add the function of swiping up the keyboard to input number symbols
  2. Support adjusting the font size of candidate words
  3. Optimized floating keyboard
  4. Optimize application stability and improve user experience

Huawei Celia keyboard update

To be mentioned, Huawei Celia Keyboard is still in the beta phase so only the registered users are able to download this new update by Member Center. Furthermore, registration for this beta activity has been closed in the last week, so if you want to experience it you might wait for the next announcement from the company.

More About Huawei Celia Keyboard:

The Huawei Celia Keyboard is a new voice-focused mobile keyboard that is developed by Huawei. It’s able to recognize about 170 languages and accents including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and more. Furthermore, there are many setting options allowing a user to customizes its layout as they feel convenient.

This mobile keyboard application offers several new features with improved accuracy and convenient attributes. It has more than 1,000 different emoji expressions and beautiful text fonts alongside four simple keyboard themes. In addition, users are able to insert the text using key input, glide input, voice input, with input prediction and auto-correction support.

(Source- Ithome)

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Huawei Apps

Huawei Browser app is getting new security and privacy features



Huawei Browser

Huawei has released a new update for its easy-to-use Huawei Browser that installs the latest system and security features to this web browsing application. The latest Huawei Browser security features includes URL reporting function, manual Ad blocking, and many other supports to provide a safer user experience.

Furthermore, the update package also contains a smaller size for a fast process that is below 100MB. This is one of the highly secure internet streaming applications, which mainly offers.

  • Search
  • Ultra-fast speed
  • News Feed
  • Shortcut Setting
  • Night mode
  • Private browsing
  • Password Management

Now let’s check the changelog to know the update sie, version shift, and new improvements in the application.


Update Size: 73.9 MB

Update Version: New update will shift the Huawei Browser version on


[List of Changes]

  1. Add the function of reporting URLs
  2. Add statistics and display of website-level privacy and security protection data
  3. Manual blocking web ads function support
  4. Support users to delete used fast apps
  5. Incorporate the latest security patches

Below you can check the update’s screenshot-

Huawei Browser Update

About Huawei Browser:

The Huawei Browser is a high-speed internet browsing application developed by Huawei. Users can download this app through Huawei App Market/AppGallery. Aside from the basic features, it offers a bunch of security features such as smart anti-tacking for safe browsing.

Furthermore, users can customize the browser in a way they feel is more convenient- classic and standard layouts. Moving ahead, it also has many exclusive features like Swiping gesture navigation, Night mode, Desktop site layout, Text settings, and Webpage translation.

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Download Huawei Assistant app []



Huawei Assistant

Huawei Assistant is your phone’s personal assistant that provides you insights, a news feed, and more in one place. Huawei and Honor smartphone users can install the Assistant to get its benefit. Below you can download Huawei Assistant APK.

Huawei Assistant APK:

EMUI 10.0 or above can download it directly from AppGallery

What’s New?


  1. You can press and hold the card and drag the card to adjust the position freely.
  2. Touch and hold a card to add more services, manage the card size.
  3. The “Discover” module is added to provide service discovery and service management functions.


  1. “My services” is added to the avatar portal to quickly view added services.
  2. “Personal information” is added to manage mobile number information.
  3. Greetings are displayed from the drop-down list on the home page.

Huawei Assistant Description:

Huawei Assistant is a personal assistant at your side. It provides you with considerate, accurate, and easy-to-access everyday services on demand.

  1. Global Search allows you to search for content locally or online.
  2. Instant access Provides customizable shortcuts so you can access your favorite content in a single touch.
  3. AI Tips Displays notifications and reminders via smart cards, such as Stocks, Sports, and Traffic, based on your needs and specific usage scenarios.
  4. Newsfeed Provides you with personalized news based on the region settings of your device.

How to use Huawei Assistant:

Swipe right on the home screen to access Huawei Assistant TODAY (or left if you are using a bi-directional language). Huawei Assistant∙TODAY can’t be accessed directly from AppGallery.

If you disable this feature and wish to re-enable it, either touch and hold a blank area on the home screen or pinch your fingers together (depending on your device model) to open the screen management view, then touch the Home screen settings, and enable Huawei Assistant∙TODAY.

Huawei Assistant

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