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Huawei Developer Conference 2021 tickets available through Huawei Pay



Huawei Mobile Pay

Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (Together) is set at end of this month so users have enough time to purchase the tickets that are now available through Huawei Pay. Now it’s really easy to get access passes to one of the biggest Huawei events.

The users don’t need to struggle in getting the event pass as they are able to get it in a convenient way using Huawei Pay. The few-step procedure is very simple that includes-

  • Open the Huawei Wallet on your Huawei devices
  • Now Scan the QR code of  HDC. Together
  • Here, select your bank card associated with Huawei Pay  to get the tickets
  • Afterward, you can make a purchase through the “Cashier Counter”

Huawei Pay

Huawei Developer Conference 2021:

In early September, Huawei announced the HDC 2021, that’ll be conducted from 22nd to 24th October. Songshan Lake, Dongguan city will be the venue for this conference. The HarmonyOS ecosystem, HMS Core 6.0, and the Whole House intelligent system will be the topic of discussion at the event.

Huawei Wallet:

Users are allowed to keep all their cars such as bank cards, loyalty cards, coupons, passage, public transportation cards, etc in one place through Huawei Wallet. In addition, users can easily pay through Huawei Pay and access public transport with these cards on their phones.  No more struggle in arranging cards or forgetting them when you can have them all time with your smartphone.

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Huawei Apps

Huawei adds Chinese navigation feature to Petal Maps app



Huawei Petal Maps Chinese navigation

Huawei is initiating some new tick-tacks on its well-known digital map application. In the latest development, the company has started beta-testing of an advanced Chinese navigation feature for Huawei Petal Maps.

The Chinese tech maker continues to add new features to its app and services. Consequently, these additions improve the overall functioning of the application and offer a responsive and efficient experience to users.

To begin the new additions, the company has selected its map application this time. Accordingly, Huawei has started the beta testing of the Chinese navigation feature for Petal Maps with the (002) version.

Previously, it was reported that Petal Maps will bring new features with Mate 50 series. The feature list has also included the Chinese navigation and other details. Alternatively, it was rolling out with the build.

However, due to some unknown bugs, the app was only able to showcase the regional data and didn’t respond to the navigation feature. On the other hand, a few users were not even able to get the appropriate region information.

Hence, with a restart, the company has triggered beta testing for the respective navigation feature. This indicates that soon users will have a more functional and suitable navigation method in their hands.

Huawei Petal Maps: Other Exceptional features

Apart from the Chinese navigation feature, Petal Maps consists of multiple beneficial tweaks. The application supports more than 160 regions across the globe and delivers a smooth and productive driving experience.

Besides, one can also find finer map positioning, map display, driving navigation, real-time road conditions, and more. And let’s not forget that the application is not limited only to your smartphone but also takes place in smart vehicles.

Speaking of the Chinese navigation feature, there are chances that this brilliant addition will count more new regions to the list. As a result, it would become much easier for users to travel to several locations with effective navigation.

Huawei Petal Maps Chinese navigation


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Huawei Apps

Huawei Wallet now makes it possible to add digital RMB hard wallet



Huawei Wallet Digital RMB

Huawei continues to bring new additions to its applications and services. Either, with new improvements or feature, the company make efforts to enhance the user experience in every manner. The latest example of this statement is the Huawei wallet which now adds support for the digital RMB hard wallet.

The information is making its way out from the Weibo channel of @pengpengjunjiao. As per his reports, Huawei Wallet now enables the support for a digital RMB hard wallet. Eventually, users can utilize their real cards through the Wallet app.

But before we jump to the question ‘How?’, let’s understand the concept of digital RMB.

Huawei Wallet Digital RMB

What is Digital RMB?

Generally, Digital RMB is an application that defines the legal digital currency of China. It is an official service platform that deals with the opening and managing of digital RMB personal wallets, and digital RMB exchange and circulation facilities.

Besides, the authorities accomplish several kinds of transaction-related projects through this app. On the other hand, the app provides ‘sub-wallets’ to retailers and suppliers. Ultimately, users can carry out transactions to various sub-wallets using the digital RMB app.

Further, you can use it for various payment methods. It will be available on your device with the name ‘Wallet Express Pay’. However, one must note that this application is a pilot version (in testing). Thus, only users (pilot customers) can register for the digital RMB app.

Huawei Wallet Digital RMB

How to access a digital RMB hard wallet?

As mentioned, the Digital RMB app provides sub-wallets. Consequently, users will require the RMB app to push the digital RMB hard wallet in the Huawei Wallet. Thereafter, Huawei Wallet will add the hard wallet as per its requirement.

Once added, the hard wallet will connect with your Huawei Wallet and will also support Huawei Pay to Pay. Also, with a double click on the power button, you can command the digital RMB wallet for payment activities. In terms of security, the wallet let the device verify the identity information before performing any payment action.

But remember, the whole process requires the Digital RMB App, which is running in the trial stage (Pilot version). So register yourself to get through a new experience of transaction.


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Huawei Apps

Huawei Petal Travel beta released in China



Huawei Petal Travel Public beta

Huawei officially launched the public beta version of the Petal Travel application. It is a digital platform that covers travel and brings together high-quality taxi providers in China to provide travel services for users.

As per the information, Huawei phone users can directly search for the Petal travel app.

How to use:

Users don’t need to download the app, they can get the same experience as the app through the service card. Also, this card can be directly added to the negative screen of your device.

Moreover, users can use these cards jointly with mobile phones, watches, tablets, PCs, and other devices.

According to recent reports, the mobile phones running on HarmonyOS 3 software supports the presentation of taxi information, such as the waiting time, travel information, order status, etc. The information appears on the service card.

Before launching the Petal Travel app, Huawei said that it will cooperate with Petal Travel to provide benefits to its users. This will boost awareness of the app and attract more customers.

Notably, users who use Huawei Pay in Petal travel can enjoy the payment benefits of up to a 7 Yuan (approx 1.0 USD) discount on the first order.

In addition, Huawei will launch the Petal travel voice taxi, watch taxi, multi-device collaboration, and many other functions soon.

Initially, the app was accessible to only three selected cities, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. But, at present, the app supports its online taxi-hailing services in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and other cities.

Alongside this, T3 Travel announces that it will connect with Huawei Petal Travel. More than 90 cities around the country have been fully connected to the app.

As per the previous revelations, the company is approaching more online car-hailing platforms to connect with the app. Such as Meitun and AutoNavi to provide their services to Petal Travel.

At the Mate 50 series launch event, Huawei released the public beta version of the Petal Travel app.


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