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Huawei AR Map update brings new device support and optimizations



Back in April, Huawei has launched its AR Maps in the app market alongside Huawei P40 series launch conference. Huawei claims that its augmented reality feature almost dissolves the boundary between the digital virtual world and the real world.

On October 30, along with the Huawei Mate 40 series the AR Map 2.0 version officially released with improvements for positioning accuracy, speed, and AI recognition accuracy. It is based on Huawei Hetu technology.

Users can also experience AR augmented reality effects in business districts such as Nanjing East Road in Shanghai, Beijing Fang, Shenzhen Wanxiang Tiandi in China.

For further improvements, Huawei has kicked off a new update for AR Maps, which is now supported for more Huawei devices and comes with new optimizations to improve users’ experience. However, this app is currently exclusive to Chinese users.


Check the new version and changelog details mentioned below.

Highlighted features:

1. AR live navigation
2. Recognition of the current position by just lifting the phone
3. Navigation is intuitive and provides guidance on real-time images to reach the target.
4. One can view the holographic information displayed.
5. Also, you can get additional information after reaching your target by clicking on the superimposed information signs

Latest version: Huawei AR Maps upgraded to new version

List of models now supports AR Maps: 

  • Huawei Mate Xs
  • Huawei Mate 30E Pro
  • Huawei Nova 6
  • Huawei Nova 6 (5G)
  • Honor V30
  • Honor V30 Pro
  • Honor 30
  • Honor 30 Pro
  • Honor 30 Pro+

What’s in this update:

  • Add user prompt when the network is poor
  • Optimizes the navigation initiation experience without positioning
  • Add navigation follow prompts
  • Optimizes user guidance for a navigation route deviation
  • Optimizes navigation destination guidance
  • Fixes some known issues



Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.


WhatsApp Android to bring new privacy features for ‘View Once’ images and videos



WhatsApp announced that it’ll be rolling out new privacy features giving users more control over the kinds of information other people can see. Yes! WhatsApp for Android is bringing new privacy features for ‘View Once’ images and videos.

As you know, View Once photos and videos are media files that can only be viewed once by the recipient and are a great way to share information that you only wish to share for the time being.

However, sometimes it may concern you about who is taking the screenshot or screen record. But now, the upcoming update will bring the screenshot/screen recording detection feature. And the sender will get a notification when this happens.

According to WABetaInfo, the new update is appearing with version number Notably, the new enhancements are limited to some beta testers only. Although, other WhatsApp users have to wait for some time to grasp the update as it is in the testing procedure at present.


Previously, any users who see your view once images and videos can screen record or take a screenshot of that image. But it seems like the online chit-chatting platform is working on the screenshot blocking for view once images and videos.

What’s New:

As you can see in the below image the user could not take a screenshot to view one image. Even so, if somebody tries to break the privacy policy then the toast will pop up that shows the user ‘can’t take screenshots due to security policies.

WhatsApp Screenshot Blocking feature screenshot

Even then other people try to use some third-party applications to screengrab your images then the images will turn to black so as to prevent these creepy people to take screenshots.

The inbuilt detection feature is already available in some other apps. The new privacy features for Android users of Whatsapp are still in their early phases. Maybe the company will bring some more improvements with the stable rollout.


Although, the beta testers can install the upgrade from the Google Play Store and take advantage of the new enhancements before the stable version.

(Source – WABetainfo)

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Huawei AppGallery

Huawei AppGallery Connect services now supports HarmonyOS apps



Huawei AppGallery Connect HarmonyOS apps

Huawei has finally upgraded AppGallery Connect and added the full-lifecycle services support for HarmonyOS apps. The company has revamped the whole scenario of the respective platform for the developers with more meaningful functions.

To those who are unaware, AppGallery Connect is a one-stop place and an open platform for developers. One can easily find various applicable procedures regarding an application. For instance, innovation, development, operation, distribution and analysis.

Speaking of the latest changes, Huawei has refurnished the AppGallery Connect system and has counted the support of HarmonyOS apps as well. In other words, the program is now eligible to cover several mobile applications along with HarmonyOS.

Consequently, developers can now use the whole app-related procedures and other services for creating HarmonyOS applications and atomic services on the AppGallery Connect platform.


Huawei AppGallery Connect HarmonyOS apps

New services and additions in the AppGallery Connect:

As per the official release notes of the Huawei AppGallery Connect, there are four significant features for the HarmonyOS and atomization services. Together, these features will help the developers in the creation of new apps with efficiency and comfort.

  • Lighter Application: The new AppGallery Connect upgrade introduces the 1+8+N scenario. This framework supports one-time development as well as multi-terminal deployment. This is quite lighter and convenient to install the application form.
  • Richer entrances: This upgrade enables to gain more than 1 billion hardware entrances, 100 system-level entrances, and massive App entrances to ecological partners.
  • Smarter Distribution: AppGallery Connect now features factual perception, efficient global search, closed-loop service segmentation, and more accurate service distribution.
  • More efficient conversion: As mentioned, the overhauled application form now provides users with more convenient services with independent entrances and no installation. In comparison to the previous and old methods, the user conversion rate has increased by 100 times.

After the upgrade, Huawei AppGallery Connect initiated a total of 122 services. Further, it is serving as a huge benefit for more than 5.75 billion developers in almost 170+ countries. Alongside, AppGallery Connect also provides multiple testing phases for HarmonyOS applications.

You can get more information about the new services HERE.

Huawei AppGallery Connect HarmonyOS apps


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Google Play

55% of Google Play Store apps are reportedly sharing your data with third party servers



Google Play Store apps sharing data

Of course, Google has concerns about its consumers’ safety and privacy. To give the best facilities, the company keeps on updating its policies and systems. But do you know that there are at least 55% of apps in the Google Play Store that is constantly looking at your data and sharing it with third-party servers?

That’s not an assumption or speculation, but a fact. The report is coming from the table of Incogni cooperation. Consequently, the researchers have made a giant leap in the Google Play Store and found that approx 55.2 percent of apps are sharing users’ data in an irrelevant manner.

Surprisingly, those apps that do not charge a fee share seven times more of the data in comparison to their paid parts. The same is with the popularity mode. Those apps that are more famous among users transmit more data than unpopular applications.

To make a good search on which apps are employed in this sharing field, Incogni has gone into the depths of the Google Play data safety section. The company published these details in July this year regarding the security practices of app developers.


Google Play Store apps sharing data

These apps affect your data!

Consequently, apps falling in the category of shopping, business, food, and drinks services collect and share most of the user’s data. However, a large amount of data goes into the social media and business applications section.

Although, Google specifically mentions that the definition of sharing is quite different in the technical field. Also, this definition does not include the transfer of data to a service provider. This means, till the time you will become aware of your information, it will end up transferring to another system.

Some apps follow safety regulations and do not transmit encrypted info. Yet, again the point is the same as how to identify which app is taking more of the information. The US tech giant hasn’t made any word till now on this matter. But, it’s important to understand the theory of Google behind the term ‘sharing data’.

Google Play Store apps sharing data

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