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Huawei and BAIC launching the first Fuel SUV equipped with HarmonyOS 



Huawei Arc Fox Smart Car

At Beijing Automotives ( AKA BAIC) shared a preview of the first fuel SUV model that will incorporate the in-vehicle Huawei HarmonyOS system. It’s the first time when Huawei is working on a fuel car and featuring it with Huawei smart car solution instead of intelligent electric cars.

BAIC released the preview with the tagline” All things interconnected, wisdom and enlightenment” informing the arrival of the world’s first fuel SUV equipped with Huawei smart car system. We may expect the car to come with other exclusive technology of the tech firm Huawei, such as in-vehicle Kirin chip, HiLink solution, and more.

Another report revealed that there are two models of BAIC- Beijing X5 and Beijing X7 Plus that are scheduled to launch in the future. Adding to this, the first model will come with L2+ driving guidance technology.

However, it’s still unclear that which one model will have the HarmonyOS. We have to wait for the next announcement from the company to share more details of the model with us.

Huawei BAIC fuel SUV HarmonyOS

Huawei HarmonyOS:

Early in June, Huawei introduced HarmonyOS 2.0 for smartphones with all-new distributive capabilities to provide one-stop solutions and smart cross-platform connections.

The second level of self-developed kernel architecture in HarmonyOS establishes a smart connection between smartphones, laptops, smart accessories, tablets, even smart vehicles too.

Huawei and BAIC Collaboration:

In April this year, Huawei and BAIC jointly launched the ArcFox Alpha S Smart car series consisting of four models. This whole series features Huawei fast charging technology, HarmonyOS smart car cockpit, Kirin 990A chipset, and 9 radars + 9 camera autonomous driving system.

At present, the roadmap inbuild in the system covers major cities likes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in China. But the company is working to expand it soon. As for the price, the basic version is priced at 251,900 CNY and HI version started at 388,900 CNY.

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