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How to install Huawei P40 Series Themes in your phone on EMUI 10 or below



We’ve already shared the collection of Huawei P40 series stock wallpapers that you can set on your own phones to make it a P40 series flagship. However, there is a way to get some more customizations just like Huawei P40 series.

There a quick trick that will allow you to download the Huawei P40 series theme on your phone running EMUI 10 or below via the official Huawei Themes store. However, there’s a simple trick that you need to perform.

Two steps that we need to perform – Change your HuaweiID Country and Download the Theme.

Important things to know:

  1. You’ll require to change your HMS ID country to China because the themes are only available for Chinese users.
  2. Do not change the Huawei ID country if you’ve Huawei points or Payment card saved in your account because they’ll be removed automatically.
  3. You are only allowed to change the region/country – 20 times in every 90 days. Avoid exceeding the limit.

How to download the Theme:

1. Change your Country:

Open Themes > “Me” tab > “Settings” > “Change country/region” > “CHANGE COUNTRY/REGION” (in the bottom) > Search and Select “China” > Confirm your Login > OK.

After changing the Country > start the Themes app and accept all terms for once, So it can load the Chinese themes content to the Themes app.

After changing the Country, follow the instructions below.

2. Download the Theme:

Note: A few of these themes are paid and we don’t recommend you try to purchase it but you can try them out for free.

After opening the link wait for a few seconds so it can redirect the link to the ThemeApp. Also, you may require to open the themes in Huawei Themes on Huawei Browser.

If you are opening the link in the HuaweiBrowser

We recommend you to change back to your original Country:

Open Themes > “Me” tab > “Settings” > “Change country/region” > “CHANGE COUNTRY/REGION” (in the bottom) > Search and Select “Your Country” > Confirm you Login > OK.

After downloading these themes, it’ll be saved on your phone and you can change them whenever you like.

Also, let us know, whether this tip worked on your Huawei or Honor phones and how they looked (screenshot in the comment).

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