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HMS Core app will replace Huawei Mobile Services framework on Huawei smartphones



Huawei is already testing the HMS Core framework and HMS core applications in China to replace Google Mobile Services (GMS) apps. And very soon, the HMS Core app will also be installed on your smartphone by replacing Huawei Mobile Services.

Huawei Mobile Services Core (HMS Core) is a collection of cloud services and frameworks that provides support to Huawei Mobile Services applications.

As early beta testers, we got to test the new HMS Core framework (application). After installing the application, we found that the HMS Core has replaced the existing Huawei Mobile Services app.

After some research, we found that the name of the app and icon are modified, and the original “Huawei Mobile Services” is renamed to “HMS Core”. However, in the background, it’s still working as Huawei Mobile Services, which may be a reason that the company doesn’t want to reveal too much about it to the beta testers.

According to the information, the Huawei Mobile Services app package on AppGallery will also be replaced with “HMS Core”. This is due to the new features that Huawei has introduced in the HMS Core version 4.0.

Reported previously, the new HMS Core can work alongside Google Mobile Services, which means older devices with GMS can also access new HMS suite but there’s no official confirmation on this matter available.

For Developers, HMS Core is a collection of open capabilities of Huawei mobile services, helps developers to build high-quality apps efficiently.

Currently, HMS Core Kit grants developers access to 24 HMS Core kits, 55 services, and 997 APIs. Including services such as In-app purchases (IAP), Account Login and Game services, Push notifications, Analytics, Monetization, Maps, Location and more.

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