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Here’s how the pure Huawei HarmonyOS operating system looks like in development mode [Video]



At Huawei HarmonyOS and New Product Launch Conference, the company unveiled HarmonyOS operating system for smartphone devices. This new OS works with different device platforms and provides a seamless all scenario experience for the consumers.

At the event, Huawei also announced the first commercial distribution of OpenHarmony, which is available for developers and industry partners through the OpenAtom Foundation. Any interested manufacturer can obtain the code from OpenAtom Foundation and make products according to different requirements.

OpenHarmony Open Project:

OpenHarmony is an open-source project of HarmonyOS. It is donated by Huawei to OpenAtom Foundation. The open-source version can run with the following memory versions along with their timeline of adaptation:

  • From September 10, 2020 – Device with 128KB to 128MB RAM
  • From April 21, 2021 – Device with 128MB to 4GB RAM
  • From October 2021 – Device with 4GB to more than 4GB RAM

Open Source Version Demonstration of HarmonyOS:

A Weibo blogger has demonstrated the operating mode of the OpenHarmony project running on a development device and shown us the boot screen as well as operation methods of the basic user interface.

The demonstration video showcase a pure HarmonyOS operating system, without including any code from the controversial Android Open Source Project AKA AOSP.

With the successful establishment of the HarmonyOS app ecosystem, Huawei will completely remove the AOSP code support from OpenHarmonyOS code branches and a pure OpenHarmony version of HarmonyOS will be applied to the smartphones.

However, the current version of HarmonyOS has AOSP code branches, which helps it to run Android application packages.

The tester has downloaded the OpenHarmony from AtomFoundation and installed it on the Hi3516DV300 development board, which is currently the only development board that can be used to test officially launched images.

Check the demonstration videos below and observe the video.


HarmonyOS is a micro-kernel-based distributed operating system of Huawei, which took 5 years to develop fully. In May 2019, Huawei released HarmonyOS 1.0 for smart TVs with limited capabilities. After a year, at Huawei Developer Conference 2020, the Chinese tech launched the HarmonyOS 2.0 with extended device platform support such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Smart Wearables
  • IoT devices
  • Third-party consumer devices and more

According to the previous information, Huawei has the aim to upgrade 300 million devices over HarmonyOS and leave the Android ecosystem as soon as possible.

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